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siatica severe pain down right leg

AnonymousUserAAnonymousUser Posts: 49,000
Hello everybody else out there in PAIN!!!!!!
Anyway i have had back pain for about 10yrs now. and somtimes i can go for about 6months before i have to go to the Chiro to put things back in. I have had MRIs And the resoult is i have disc degenteration. bulging an herneated dics but until now i have bean able to go about my day.
My current situation happend about three wks ago.
Simp. are as follows, Siatica pain going down my right leg.
i have went to Chiro but didnt work, so i tried to strech out my leg and do my F. therypy strech excer. but it was to painfull to do, so i tried to walk for awile that didnt help
things. and now am in bed rest, have been for three days now
I am in sooooo much pain and here is the kicker i cant take asprin or other drgs to help with pain because i am on a other meds that conflict with it..
I am at my wits end dont know what to do!!
I am out of work have no money or ins.
My question is to all of you. IS WHAT CAN I DO!!
Is there anybody out here taht can piont me in the right direction? Well that is all for now.
Thanks for reading.



  • Have you tried putting an ice patch on the area where the herniated discs are? Even though the pain is in the leg, the origin could be due to nerve compression in the back. Icing the back could relieve the swelling due to inflammation and could break the pain cycle.

    Also, trying the cobra position (aka push-ups) every now and then could take some pressure off that nerve.

    Hope this helps!
  • Yes i do ice therpy and heat!
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  • Jason,

    I would recommend some decompression therapy.

    I also suffer from sciatica and I have a shooting pain in my left buttock and a radiating pain that shoots down my left leg. The only thing that has given me some relieve was 10-minute sessions on a decompression table. It relieves the pressure of the discs on the sciatic nerve.

    If everything else you tried has failed or hasn't given you sufficient pain relief, I would definitely seek out decompression therapy. If you try it, let us know if it helped you.

    To your good health,

  • I would suggest to take your meds and rest with ice in the acute phase. Once the inflammation calms down a bit you can start with PT and the cobras but first few days ice as much as you can and take anti inflammatories, muscle relaxants and pain killers. You may need nerve pain meds if your doctor thinks so but I would avoid too much excercises in an acute state.
  • I too have just finished a recent bout of sciatica from a herniated l-5 s-1 and can feel for you. I agree with the ice therapy. I always liked to use heat and responded well to heat until this last flair and I tried ice when nothing else helped and it did help some. My PT only wanted me doing single leg(lying on back) stretches, she said both legs are too stressful for the disc. From most everything I've read only few days bed rest and then best to keep moving some. I had to take Vicodin for a month cuz my nerve root was so inflamed, but now back to advil. There isn't any pain relievers you can take?? Disc and inflamed nerve roots take there own sweet time to heal!! If you start to have any bowel or bladder trouble or start to lose function in the effected leg you need to seek medical attention!! Hope you find something that works. Lynette
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  • If you can find a physical therapist that will allow you to pay cash per visit and charge you less than if the insurance would. It may be a bit more affordable. They charged me $75 per visit and it would have been $230 if insurance would have kicked in. You could then start with some decompression therapy which may give you enough relief to start strength and core exercises. But for now ice it for 15-20 minuites every hour to 2 hours. Remember not to leave the ice pack on too long. If you can get to a docter asap they may be able to prescribe a short dose of steroids which may help with inflamation. also they may be able to prescribe a muscle relaxer and also some anti inflamatories.
  • Yes i have done it all! decompresion is just to expensive like i said i have no money no ins, or job do to this pain... I have found a gov. program that is free so i am going there tomorrow hopefully they can help!
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