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December surgeries



  • I was sick from the anesthesia for two days but other than that, it was easy. The only pain is the nerves healing and it is harder to swallow but getting better. I make sure I always have something to drink when I eat. I can move my head without pain, no pinching and no grinding bone. Very smooth moving my head now. I only wear a soft neck brace at night for my own comfort.
  • PLIF of L4-L5 and L5-S1 on 12/15. My muscles are really sore every day, but I know it is a healing pain. Once I get moving and get my pain meds in me the pain gets better. I know that will eventually get better without the meds...praying it will anyway. I was told by my NS to wear the brace for 2 months post-op anytime I am outside or in the car. One thing I am catching myself still doing is walking like I did before surgery...kind of slumped forward and compensating for the pain in the low back. I don't need to now, but I guess I did it for so many years I am now going to have to totally re-train my body in how I sit and walk. I really have to concentrate on my body mechanics now.
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  • Alexa,

    I am so sorry for all your troubles, including with the healthcare. This country seriously needs to get it's act together so that no one is without insurance ever.
  • I don't know Yvonne.....hmmmm..... :))( oh, ok, I guess we'll let you play with us LOL LOL!
  • Hi Snowpackmals,

    You and I had the same surgery. Yours was 2 weeeks after mine (about) and seems like you are doing better than me. How bad is your nerve pain? I had nerve pain a few days ago that had me in tears. It's not as bad now, but probably screwed up again this am, as I tried to pull a pillow filled with water out of the washing machine. I swear that sucker weighed 30 pounds or more.

    I too can move my head all around, but I still hear bones grinding. My incision lump has gone down since I started rubbing it with bio-oil - great stuff! And I even don't have trouble swallowing any more.

    Welcome and keep us up to date on how you are doing.

    Karen (aka yasmina)
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  • I walk every day. My husband is a task master. However, I find new muscles are sore. (my hips, etc.) When I went for my post-op Monday I explained to the doctor and she told me that because of the fusion we are using new muscles and they are protesting!!! Also, I was in so much pain that my life has been VERY sedentary for the past two years or so. I feared Publix or any mall or store because I knew I couldn't stand or walk for more than 5 minutes or so. Does anyone know how long you are to walk each day two weeks post op?

    PLIF Dec.17th (l5-S1)
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