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Results of my MRI

Summer175SSummer175 Posts: 5
Since I have burning in thigh, tingling that rediates down one left and sometimes have numbness in foot. Dr says my MRI is normal and I could have Chemical Ridiculitis. Does anyone have info on this and don't you need to have a herniated disc to have this. Thanks in advance


  • I'm seeing an Orthopedic Spec. I feel he is just guessing, because he was surprised that my MRI is normal. I've had leg symptoms for 4 month. Had a car accident 3 weeks ago and now have neck symptoms and I am going through PT for that.
    I think I'm making progress with the neck... no MRI yet on the neck. Thanks for your reply Gwennie
  • I think your symptoms require further investigation and in your position, I'd try to get a 2nd opinion and just keep plugging away at it, until there's a reasonable explanation for the problems you're experiencing.

    If it helps, my first MRI showed 'no abnormalities except for age-related degenerative changes'. A few months later, I had it repeated in a different facility, by a spinal neurosurgeon, with a different radiologist reporting it and it showed what you can see below, which resulted in proper treatment and finally, some relief.

    This is a great site to read up on your symptoms, look at the appropriate treatment and I think you might find that going into the doctors fully-prepared can often make a world of difference!

    Good luck.
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  • My 1st surgery was a microdiscectomy at L5/S1. My Ortho had me get an MRI. It showed the herniation and what appeared to be a small tear. He wasn't positive but felt a lot of my pain was not just herniation pushing a nerve. That more was a tear leaking and irritating nerves.

    He did a discogram test and the tear showed up beyond a doubt. It was larger than he had thought and significant enough that he wanted to do the micro asap. I did it a few weeks later.

    The hope was do a micro. This reduces the disc. Let;s the herniation back down and reduced pressure from the nerve. This also gives the disc a chance to heal the tear. This is a big IF. You never know and it takes a while for the tear to heal.

    Leaking disc fluid can cause just as much pain as herniations.

    I had all the same symptoms as you.
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