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Any pillow recommendations from neckies?

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Hi Everyone,

I am three weeks post ACDF, doing well and looking forward to (hopefully) being without my soft collar after my NS appointment later this week. The collar has been my biggest complaint through this entire process, as my symptoms were relieved completely (so far) right after my surgery.

I am a back and side sleeper, and have yet to find the perfect pillow... I'd love to hear from any of you who've found a pillow you'd actually recommend.

My fusion was only one level (C6/7) and I really want to find a good pillow that will support my neck properly and hopefully help to promote the proper curvature of my c-spine. I've tried the water pillows, and the memory foam pillows, and really do not like either. I just can't keep spending $$$ on trial and error here, and thought maybe some of you could comment and recommend...


Karen in KY


  • Hi Karen,

    I have had two neck surgeries the past year almost a year to the date, Dec. 8, 08 and Dec. 2nd 09. This first one was from the front of the neck C4-7 with plate and cage. I wore a hard collar for six weeks and a soft collar while in my house. I tried all kinds of pillows before I found the right type.
    This latest surgery was from the back of my neck with bone grafts and rods from C4-7. I have to wear a hard collar 24/7 for six weeks, I found the plus side to this is I can lay on my sides with the bed prop up a little under my pillow and using a soft pillow works really well for me.
    From all I have read on our neck site is there is no for sure solution for any of our problems but lots of experiences we can try.

    I hope you recover soon.

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  • Welcome to Spine-Health. With your name MileHigh, I thought you lived in Denver, not Kentucky.

    I have a Tempur-Pedic Pillow that's made specially for back and side sleepers - mine is the SymphonyPillow. It's so comfortable and one of the great side benefits is that in the middle of the night, if you rotate it 180 degrees, when you put your head back on it it feels cool on your head. Great for those of us who tend to get hot in the middle of the night.

    Take care and let us know if you find something you love.

  • I am due to have surgery soon, most likely a Posterior Cer. Lam.
    My big big problem is that I have mostly been a stomach sleeper my whole life....52 years. I wake up on my back most of the time, but need to start on my stomach. I will most likely have some big issues sleeping after surgery. I use a Temperpedic pillow that looks like a normal pillow, I love it. My wife uses the contured one, but then she is a side sleeper.
  • I have a tempurpedic swedish neck pillow and also the side pillow from tempurpedic. I like the Swedish Neck Pillow the best.

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  • I have a tempurpedic swedish neck pillow and also the side pillow from tempurpedic. I like the Swedish Neck Pillow the best.

  • maybe you need to just use a roll towel under your neck and use a normal old pillow that you have.Just enough support to keep you from neck is position.Just use any pillow that u have that you used to like,roll up a soft towel and put it around your neck and then lay on your pillow ,see how that works it may be cheaper then going out and spending a fortune on something your not going to use.
  • Hello everyone,

    I had a whiplash a few years ago and I had such a hard time to find the perfect pillow. I had such a hard time to find a pillow which doesn't hurt my neck. My favorite one is the millet hull pillow, it supports my neck, it is not too fluffy but still cozy. You can form it they way you need it. I bought mine online at EDITED. I guess everybody has to find their own favorite pillow. The most important aspect for me was that it gives me neck support and it is not too high otherwise it hurts my neck.
    I hope you will find your perfect pillow.
    Get well soon.

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  • RangerRRanger on da rangePosts: 1,033
    Hi Karen,
    The pillow that works best for me is absolutely no pillow. Many years ago a D.O. told me I need to sleep on my back as often as possible. I have had 2 spinal surgeries the past 3 years the latter being a discectomy, corpectomy,
    fusion, of C3 thru C6 with a bunch of hardware installed for stability. More than ever I have found sleeping with no pillow flat on my back brings me the most restful night of sleep. This may not work for everyone but with a lot of experimentation this has helped me.
    Take care,
  • hey milehigh2 and welcome to spine health. i have found a temper pedic which my ns recommended to work real good for me. i purchased the one that you can sleep on your back or your side. it goes with me everytime we take an overnight trip. i wish and pray for your sucessful fusion and a speedy recovery. God Bless All, kc
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