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I'm tired now

mommatialuvmmommatialuv Posts: 269
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:39 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Greetings all,
As most of you know I had a second surgery on 12/4. On 12/8 I was feeling on top of the world, like everything was finally going to be OK.
Well on the 9th and 10th I still felt better then pre op but my burst of energy I had on the 8th was gone. I had been having little twinges of tingling etc but nothing unbearable or unexpected.
On the 11th the muscle twitching in my legs became so bad I could not stay in one position for more than 5-10 minutes, I was in constant motion, and at bed time was unable to stop my legs from moving. I added Neurontin back to my med schedule (I tried so hard to avoid it) Sleep finally came at 3am. I started with a 600 mg that night. I tried to not take it during the day on the 12th but realized I would be in the same boat by bedtime. I am taking 300 in the am and afternoon and 600 at night, and based on how i feel tonight, will be increasing again. And so the tiredness/fatigue/lack of energy pre op is back. I am hopeful that this is still part of the healing process, but have not had any opportunity to Christmas shop, look at lights, see the beauty and excitement of the children at the mall visiting Santa. My kids decorated for me (I love them so) while I was in the hospital in case I didn't feel up to it. The whole thing really has me having terrible crying spells, my poor husband doesn't know what to do anymore.I have watched all my favorite Christmas shows,and play carols during the day.I know I have so much to be great full for, but can't seem to shake this unhappy feeling. Thank you all for listening,
May God Bless and keep you,


  • Shirley, I hope you are still online and can respond back. I feel bad for you regarding what you are going thru. I also had surgery on 12/4. I had
    Minimally TLIF with cage and lamenectomy.

    I have been experincing "muscle jumps" starting about one week after surgery 12/11. I began a stretching/strengthening excercises on 12/6. I feel excercise in addition to walking and lots of water
    has helped the muscle twitches, jumps. whatever I should call them. A excercise program is here on spine-health that is very similar.

    I don't know why (unless med related) that I'm thirst (no pre-diabetic). I drink alot of water.

    I too have experienced tears
    when I'm not sad or even fustrated. I think it is
    part of the healing process of our bodies. The challenge is to keep active, get lots of rest, plan
    something enjoyable to do with somebody, etc.

    If you want to try spine-health streching plan, it
    would be good to contact your MD first. I do not recall what type of surgery you had. Please post again, I'm thinking of you. Surgey the same day...
    were spiney pals. Rose
  • Thanks for the response, my first surgery was on 8/31/09 a TLIF l4-5/l5/s1 with bmp rods and screws. I had worse nerve pain post op then pre op and it never got better, even PT said they were not helping me. A CT Myelogram showed a bone spur so doc went in on 12/4 as listed above.He did say I am already fusing well, and was hopeful that this would "fix my problems" I think I have had about 3 days out of 15 weeks without some type of nerve problems.
    I have been doing some of the original at home PT exercises.I will see my doc on Wed 12/16 and ask about what to do next.
    It sounds like yours is "normal" nerves healing,(I hope so) maybe mine is too, I dont know for sure and am not ready to claim the worst yet, like I said I am just tired, and tired of being tired. I feel like I have been kicked while already down.
    Thanks again for listening,
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  • The side effects of the Neurontin are as debilitating as the pain for me. I am so tired all the time. I want to do things, but barely have the energy to shower each day. My Doc and PA talked about trying some other nerve meds before but think my insurance would not cover, the neurontin is already costing me 75 a month with insurance, and with me on LTD now there are few pennies to spare. I am trying to keep up with my walks, and stay positive. It is just hard when the light at the end of the tunnel was so bright one day, but seems to be dimming. Thank you so much for your support,
  • when so much is going on, there is so much do to and you aren;t able to do it. This will not be supermom year!

    I found this out last year when my surgery was the week before Christmas. You need to change your attitude for the holidays and know that the gift-giving is not the most important, it's spending time with those you love. If you aren't up to going everywhere you are invited - don't. The best gift you can give your family is your road to recovery.

    Get someone to help shop or gift cards. No one will care. They want to see you and be with you. Make a conscious effort to just enjoy and do what you can. You don't need the extra stress. It is time for you to heal.
    My recent 360 was Oct 26 and I still can't get out to go shopping.

    take care!
  • I think I may have posted on the wrong forum, If a moderator thinks it should be moved to depression and coping, i'm ok with that, just let me know please.
    Kathy, thanks for the reminder, no super mom this year for me, My daughters have already said they will come and prepare my traditional Christmas breakfast, so when my nieces and their families show up I will be rested and good to visit. My Sister died in 2001 and her girls are kinda like mine since then, except they are married with children except the youngest, she is just 18. (between them they will bring 6 children under the age of 7).My mom died in 2008, so I am now the "matriarch" Thats an interesting position when you are healthy :). I have made Christmas breakfast for everyone since 1990, my girls have helped of course over the years, but they will do it all this year. I am looking forward to the get together, but under my tree will be bare. I box up and wrap everything (I have even wrapped apples and oranges), I just love the whole process, a great big box with a small gift. I love surprises, giving them, seeing the faces, adults as well as children look beautiful with that "surprised smile".they are all "my kids & grandkids" to me.
    I'm sure we will all feel blessed, but it feels so different. I'm supposed to be the care giver, not receiver. It just seems to be taking to long. I wanted to be mostly better by Christmas, that's why I had surgery in August.
    Anyway, I'm sorry for complaining. Really,
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  • It is pretty common in our recovery for all of us to experieince depression and it is completely related to the surgery, anesthesia and our inability to not perform day to day functions. I cry at the stupidest things that last weekeend I just watched Disney movies, so I could try to keep it a little lighter!

    So sorry to hear of your Mother & Sister gone. Being the matriarch, it's your show, so go with it!
    Cheer up and enjoy what you can. Next year will be here before you know it.

  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,509
    right now and almost everything looks so gloomy and down. Please trust me when I say that things will turn around and start to get better.
    Recovery from Spinal surgery is no easy task. Its a lot of hard work and so often things just feel bleak.
    Keep a positive attitude about the entire thing. The more you put into this, the better off you will be.
    I know right now, things look like they will never get better. They will and the awful pain you feel now will turn into something so much better.
    Keep a positive !!!
    You will be fine
  • I'm trying.
  • For my ACDF surgery, my MIL flew in from Arizona just to take care of me for a few weeks because my hubby couldn't take much time off from work.

    The day that I got home I was acting so normal that my husband questioned why we flew in his mom and actually said to me, "Can't you just ACT like you just had major surgery?" He was flabbergasted at how normal I was acting. Then, two days later - WHAMMY! I felt like I'd gotten hit by a truck, a very big truck.

    I really think it's normal during the healing process to have this happen. As you know, after surgery we have to take it day by day and hope that the tired feeling goes away in a day or two. There are 10 days until Christmas, so there's still time to get your strength back enough to share some holiday goodies with your hubby and kids.

    I'm wishing you the best, Shirley.
  • My surgeries so far have been the neck. I like you have described was "energetic" for like 5-7 days, then it was like someone pulled my "energy plug" or something! I think personally it is our bodies telling us "Look, you had a bunch of trauma, let me rest for Pete's sake" or something to that effect! Could be a delayed affect from the anesthesia?

    I was put on Lyrica a little over a month ago, and for me (except for the weight gain) I LOVE it. The weight, well hehehe... I will take that over pain any day! Hopefully you will start feeling more like yourself as you heal. *HUGZ*

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
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