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Had my 10 week follow-up today

awalker819aawalker819 Posts: 164
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:39 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
and just thought I would share since I know there's always room (and a need) for positive stories.

When my OS walked into the room today he just started at me for a minute smiling, and actually almost long enough to be awkward hehe and when I said "hi" he said that quite literally he had expected to see me lying on the exam table when he walked in (as he had several times during my pre-surgery visits). And actually he said it 3 more times before I left, ha.

Of course not only was I sitting in the regular chairs comfortably, but I have been without any pain for close to 2 months and completely off pain meds for several weeks. Once we went over how I was feeling, pain levels - or lack there of, etc., he told me he could hardly believe how well I was doing, that he couldn't even have hoped for such great results so quickly, that for the procedure I had, I probably had the best recovery/progress of any of his patients, and that so few people do as well as I have that he just felt in awe.

Other good news was that fusion had already started, but of course he gave me the usual wait 6 mo before going back to sports, still no NSAIDs etc. Surprisingly he totally passed on PT because not only did I "not look like I needed it", but after hearing and seeing my "routine" (of stretches, walking, etc.) it was pointless.

So basically I just had a great follow-up and am doing better than I or anyone else (including my OS) could've hoped, much less expected! I owe a lot to this forum for all of the great info, and all of the wonderful people I've spoken with! I sure wish more people had experiences like mine!


  • :O)

    I'm so glad for you!!!!! Ahhhh,....these kind of posts give me hope! on Thursday I go for my 6 week check and 1st xray. I counting on a good report...though in my case, I'll be asking for different pain meds (Vicoden is way strong and Tylenol has never worked on any kind of pain for me). But its so good to hear positive stories!!!!

    Thanks and have a great holiday!
  • I am so happy for you! We need the "great outcome" stories, please continue to post and keep folks lifted and hopeful.
    Happy Holidays,
    May God Bless and Keep you... healing painlessly,
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  • How exciting to read this - Thank You for sharing!


  • Great news. I'm so glad you're feeling well.

    3 level spinal fusion, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, November 2008. Stiff, but I can walk.
  • Great to hear you are doing so well. I remember the look on my Surgeon's face when he "caught" me on my first solo walk near the Nurses' station. He was beside himself with such joy that on day one In was already walking by myself with my IV pole!

    Good for you "AWalker" and keep up the good work and healing. Its always great to hear the good nrews.
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  • Now have a great Christmas.
  • Wow, this is fantastic! Just so encouraging to others out here and really good to hear that he is still wanting you to take it slow and that you know that feeling good doesn't mean you are back to normal.

    It's really wonderful that you finally have some relief. . .especially in time for the holidays.
  • is that there are many more people with experiences similar to mine, they just don't happen to share as much as those who come in need of support.

    Thanks to everyone for all their support. Happy and pain free (or at least comfortable) holidays to everyone!
  • I felt like this after my first PLIF. My pain level went to nothing, it felt so good I couldnt believe it. Sadly this was short lived. I hope you continue success with your surgery.
    My cervical fusion was perfect though and has remained that way knock on wood.


  • I love to hear stories like this as i am in my 6th week and starting to feel so much better..

    Thanks for the postitive story..
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