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does this ever make you mad....



  • TAMTAM could not have said it any better! everything you stated is correct and very true. thank you very much. i wish i didn't have to worry about the tests they make me do to see if i've reached my MMI or not. i have to drive over an hour every month to see the state's doctor to make sure im not lying basicly. (which prevents fraud) and nope....don't cancel any appointments or miss any, because it's over. i would much rather use my private insurance and not have to deal with all the legal stuff. anyway, good luck.
  • I agree with some of the others. I have a workman's comp claim, and talk about a hassle. They don't really care about what is really wrong with you, it's just about making you jump through all of the hoops to get any medical care. My wc doc told me there was nothing any other doc could do for me. I finally went for another opinion from a neurologist, and so far I have had surgery to fix my neck, and am looking at a spinal fusion at L4-L5. It's very frustrating! Bad enough to be injured, but it adds insult to injury. I do understand though that there are folks who take advantage of the system. I have worked in the medical field for 30 yrs., and have seen it but you can't lump everyone in together.
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  • My aunt hurt her back while working one day. Since filing the workers compensation case, she has had to fight for every treatment, every time. I understand that workers compensation wanting to keep costs down, but at what cost? At the patients cost that's what! A lawyer has been hired. Her problems have somewhat lessened since doing so. It's also easier to have someone else experienced in these matters fighting for you. Whether or not the claim is fraudulent or not-workers comp. is a system in need of fixing, that's for sure.
  • The sad part is they tend to treat everyone on workers comp as if they are all working the system.

    I know my experience on workers comp was terrible, lost my car, my home and waited long periods of time to recieve even small ammounts of care for my injury, I had to wait nearly two months before they would approve my epidural.

    The orthopedic surgeon would order a test and they would either deny it as uneeded or switch my doctors on me. *sigh*

    What really frustrates me though is seeing people with mild injury's or none at all, talking about how they basically have a doctor who is an open pharmacy. While I cant sleep because my back hurts so bad and have to beg a GP or ER for help because I lost my insurance after my injury.

    My worst experience came one day when I had to go to the ER, back was locking up on me and was having terrible muscle spasms and sciatica. And the ER doctor made me piss in a cup before they would help me. *shakes head*

    After that I just stayed home and suffered through the pain, wasnt worth lossing my self respect being treated like that.

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