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Chronic pain

ceecee41cceecee41 Posts: 114
Hey everyone please send a word of encouragement I am having surgery on 20 Jan 2010 and the road to the surgery is hard my pain is so bad. I wish I could get a earlier surgery I stay in so much pain I don't sleep had to be prescribed sleeping pills to get to sleep. Can someone please share there experience


  • I don't sleep at night due to pain and just not able to sleep.
    I'm having TLIF on Jan 18th 2010. I have had back problems sence 1997.

    some nights i get up and do stuff around the house. or watch tv, so my husband can sleep.

    I try sipping warm water or even tea, that helps sometimes.

    my doctor will not give me sleeping pills, at the least you have them to help you a little.

    sincerely, Fr0ggylover
  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,571
    I would gladly send some words of encouragement.
    But right now, I do not know what surgery you are going in for. Plus how long have you been dealing with your current problem.
    And what other treatments have you had...

    All of that makes a big difference, not in words of encouragement, but in terms of understanding what a person is going through.
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  • I know how hard it is to suffer with pain while waiting for surgery. I can and do empathize with you! I'm thinking of you, hoping you can do whatever it takes to keep your mind busy so you are not completely concentrating on the pain all the time. I wish you speedy days to surgery and pain relief. I would(and still do this) watch the tv on mute while reading the captioning, plus turn the channels frequently finding whatever I can to keep busy. Somehow that works for awhile because it makes me concentrate more on that instead of the pain plus it doesn't bother my family all night. I couldn't sleep at all before surgery. I'm much better but I still have problems that keep me up reading the tv, books, whatever,to keep me busy until I am comfortable enough to fall back asleep.

    Good luck in the followong days. I hope you have family and friends to help you through the days before and after surgery! Take care!
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