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I don't know why my doctor is such as $$$

tammycttammyc Posts: 892
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:40 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
As many of you know i've been going through some assessments with my insurance co. so that they can find out if there responsible for my problems since my car accident. I've been receiving some benefits through them for house care that my family has been doing since the accident. Some things that i can't do because it accelerates the pain in my back and hips. The insurance co. sent me some forms to have filled out by my doctor and then was supposed to be sent back within a two week period.Just some information about problems that i've been having,standard stuff.My doctor waited almost the whole two weeks and then had her secretary call me this afternoon and let me know that she won't fill out the forms.Gave her no reason at all just said she wouldn't fill them out. Now i have to call my insurance agent and let her know that there not done and won't be done.I have no idea what's going to happen now.I think at one point my therapist could have filled them out but since the insurance agency suspended my therapy pending there assessment i doubt very much that he will fill it out now.Its not like i'm even have her fill out forms to go on disability,my insurance co. knows that there are things that i can still do there just trying to re-emburse me for things that i can't do myself but she's being a pain in the $$$ and being stubborn again.First she doesn't want to do an mri ,then she doesn't want to do anymore tests on my bladder to find out why i'm having frequency or to find out why i have numbness in my legs which started all of these assessments and now she refuses to fill out forms. I think i need to get rid of my doctor and find a new one even if i have to go out of town to see it. At this point i can't afford to be without a doctor but there is no one taking on patients in our town.It just doesn't seem right that a doctor can treat a patient like crap and theres nothing that can be done about it.


  • But everytime they have to fill out FMLA or STD/LTD paperwork, they charge me $37.00. I have paid it 3 times. I have now filed complaints to , Insuarance company, my employer, TN Medical BORED ( pun intended). And my Dr, his Nurse and his Medical asscociation. AND I WILL continue to complain. This is for fed leave and insurance,. My health insurance should cover it. I know it takes Dr time to fill out but geez, give a sister a break. I'm on 50% of my reg income right now.

    Tammy I would request a call from your dr or make an apt and ask face to face why she will not fill in your necessary paperwork. My primary phys hates filling them out because he thinks it is an invasion of my privacy, especially according to hippa standards.

    Hope it works out.
  • Tammy call them and insist on speaking with the doctor. If she won't fill out the forms tell her you want a complete copy of your file including her notes. She is required to keep accurate notes of eveyr visit. If she hasn't you can report her to the state med board.

    I would guess that asking for those records will prompt her to fill out the forms. In this day forms are a part of life. I think the doctor has a right to compensation for their time to fill out these forms. Usually they require opinions not just facts. If done right they take time.

    Call and speak with the doctor. Maybe it is the staff being a$$e#
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  • My Insurance company had me sign a release of medical information and although my Dr. filled out the first medical form they sent her the papers for a more indepth history of my back problems. It should be the Insurance contacting your PM Dr. directly and paying her. You shouldn't be having to run around making sure your Dr. fills out the forms. My Primary Dr. got all the consultations from my Ortho and Neurosurgeon and Neurologist and sends that to the Insurance Company. Would your Primary Dr. be able to get all your PM notes and do that? I would ask the Insurance company about that. I hope things get worked out for you. Take care. Charry
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