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pooping post-op

rmickhail2rrmickhail2 Posts: 21
Hello everyone. Yes I am writing this to try to get an understanding what it will be like to go poop after surgery. Will it be hard to do so? Will I be able to wipe myself? Are there any tricks that any of you have that might help with this sore subject? It's has been on my mind alot and don't know why. Nerves I guess. Thanks in advance for all who answer. Enjoy your Day.


  • One of the things that can really help, is a seat extender. It will raise the height of the seat for you as well as provide rails to grab on to. I found it also nice to have packages of the bacterial body wipes or tucks. As far as reaching goes, well that's just something you will have to figure out. What works for one doesn't always work for the other. It is possible and it won't take you long to get into a routine. Key in all of this is eating and drinking the right foods to keep yourself from slowing down your GI tract. Keep things moving and you'll be fine.

    Hope this helps.

  • I remember comments from quite a while ago where some inventive member figured a way to tie the toilet paper onto some long tongs to help in the wipe thing. Sounds yucky, but whatever works without having someone else do it for you is priceless.

    If you end up having constipation due to the meds, I've found Peri-Colace to be the best and fastest-acting medicine. It's a combo stool softener and laxative. It's pretty pricey, but it's worth it.

    Take care and keep those tongs handy! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

    PS I shouldn't be joking about this because I'll be in the same boat after Jan. 6. Ack.
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  • You can get these at a home health store and will be a lifesaver. They are disposable tissue holders for folks that can't bend. Good luck.
  • rmichhail,
    Sorry I am just now responding. I am also sorry but I am laughing at your post. Ok, not at your post really as much as at my own memories of "Post OP POOPING." Everyone's advise is good. I really didn't find the need for any special devices for the wiping and such. (Just take a look now and make sure the TP is right where you can get to it without bending or twisting.) My biggest problems was just getting it going. So take the stool softners immediately in the hospital and don't stop! Watch what you eat! Like "C" said. Don't let the GI track slow down. Water Water Water.

    I am remimded of an email I sent to some of my closest family and friends that might help lighten your stress and give you a giggle so I'll copy, paste and share. (Names will be changed to protect the innocent.)
    Sent: Thursday, January 31, 2008 11:35 AM
    Subject: Pizza for dinner

    Robert is such a good son. Several times a day he checks on me.
    Each morning before he leaves for work he comes upstairs to see if I need anything, kisses me goodbye, and asks me if we can have pizza for dinner. My response. "Nope." His response "Darn."
    He calls at least once each day from work to check on me. He will ask if I am OK, do I need him to bring anything home, and if we can have pizza for dinner? My response. "Nope." His response "Darn."
    Robert comes straight home from work every single day without fail. The first thing he does is check on me. "Do you need anything Mom?" "Can I fix you something to drink?" "Do you need help getting anywhere?" Then of course, "Can we have Pizza for dinner?" My response. "Nope." His response "Darn."
    Later every evening you can hear him and his Dad discussing what's for dinner. At least once during their conversation Robert will ask, "Mom, are you sure we can't have Pizza for dinner tonight?" His father will just laugh. My response will be "Nope." His response, "Darn."
    By now you are wondering, what's the big deal about pizza for dinner. The Deal, since I came home from surgery, here has been no Pizza until I poop! Robert has been devastated. He loves Pizza.
    This morning, finally (after much poking fun around here and I lost count how many stool softeners and ducolax) I finally "pooped."
    I texted Robert on his phone. "Pizza for Dinner" His text Response back "Alright!"

    Something tells me I'm done hearing from him until dinner...

    "Best start putting first things first. Cause when your hourglass runs out of sand, you can't flip it over and start again. Take every breathe God gives you for what it's worth.....................Don't Blink."


    You can just imagine the responses I got back from family and friends.

    Good Luck,
    Keep us posted!
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