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more pain since EMG and Nerve conduction

mommatialuvmmommatialuv Posts: 269
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:41 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi all, Have any of you that have had or know someone that has had an EMG and or nerve conduction ever heard of them having more pain after the test?
I seem to be having more nerve pain/burning since the test, almost as if the nerves are mad at being "tested/bothered". Does this sound familiar to anyone? Also the muscles that were "stuck" are achy, don't get me wrong that part is not bad, just achy and constant. The burning and stabbing of the toes is much worse. I also have been getting the cramping/ muscle spasms in my foot(curling the toes and turning the foot in) since the test making me hit the muscle relaxers after a long break. Maybe it is just a coincidence. As always, any insight will be greatly appreciated.
God Bless and Keep you,


  • I had pain after the EMG and swear I still feel the 2" needle probe they were trying to get in my shin. I'm sorry to hear you're having pain still. I've tried massage blocking the signals and it's seem to have helped. Please call your Neurologist to follow up. I wish I could help more. Thinking of you. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • Don't remember how many days my nerve pain flare up lasted or the cramping sensation/heavy legs lasted, but it came on the night after the EMG.
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  • How far before surgery are you having the EMG done? Just wondering..I had one done the morning of the fusion, about an hour prior. Since I didn't get out of bed for five or six days after that, I didn't have any trouble that I remember.

    I wasn't really sure what the EMG was all about anyhow. The tech doing the test told me they would have the same 'toe jumping' going on all throughout the surgery, so they could see if something happened. Like what, nerve obstruction? What have they told you was the reason for the test?
  • It helps to know that I am not completely crazy :)
    B52 I am post op 2 surgeries a l4-s1 spinal fusion on 8/31/09 and a bone spur removal from the l5 s1 nerves on 12/4/09. my nerve pain has never subsided so the doc wanted to be sure it was from the spine as opposed to peripheral because it didn't seem to follow the normal "radiculopathy path" as I did not have many thigh symptoms... I do now . The Neurologist gave me a preliminary report stating that it was irritation of the nerve root at l5 and s1 so now I am waiting to hear from the surgeon as to what the next step is. I spoke to his PA she said I should just schedule an appointment, I explained that I have child care issues and she said she would have the tech look for the report and would ask the doc for a phone consult and instructions. I will hopefully hear something Mon or Tues. The surgeon has called me with test results and instructions before.
    Thanks for the insight all,
    God bless and Keep You,
  • I read the thread, her reaction was from a myelogram, I didn't have any problems after my myelogram. I hope she is still getting better, and that the ms testing comes out negative.
    I just got up and the burning seems to be getting better, I still have a lot of muscle achyness in my thighs and the extra tingling is still there and my back still hurts more (even though there was no actual testing there) everything was done at the leg level.
    Walking/ sitting and getting up are all still more painful then pre testing. I will probably spend most of my day in the recliner with a pillow under my knees, that is how I slept and got about 5 hours. I am hoping to hear from the doc with complete results today, I know he does surgeries on Monday so it may be late, I will call and talk to his PA if I have to but I prefer to bypass her. She is nice but just doesn't really seem to listen, you know what I mean, she gives advice before I finish my explanation of symptoms, and she usually says "this is all normal and should pass with time"
    I will keep you posted, I have to get out of this chair,
    God bless and keep You,
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  • Hello everyone.

    My father has gone for EMG n NCV test 2 days back and after that he is going through severe leg and nerve pain
    All the points where needle were inserted paining horribly. He is feeling like needle might get inserted to nerve n it get injured.
    We applied ointement, did ice massage and took combiflam medicine but no help.
    Does any one faced such experience? Please guide me with solution.

  • Wanda EWWanda E Posts: 1
    edited 09/06/2015 - 10:24 AM
    it has been 2 months since i had the emg nerve tests where they stuck needles into my arms and legs. since that time, i continue to have terrible pain in my left leg (which i did not have before this test). no one told me this would happen up front, or else i would not have had it done. when i asked the doctor about it, she said "oh yes, well it should go away in time". what is time? two months is way too long for this pain to linger and it is more pronounced during the night. i am not happy!

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    Wanda E
  • saynowssaynow Posts: 1
    edited 09/06/2015 - 10:21 AM
    had an emg two months ago for low back and leg pain on the right side only. since the test my pain has gotten so much worse and now i have pain and burning on the left side which i never had before. asked the dr. and they just acted like that should have not happened. it feels like i am still getting electrical shocks in the areas where the dr. stuck the probes in my si and buttox. does anyone out there know if this is permanent or will it go away? i am miserable in ohio.

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  • I had an EMG done about 2007. The test itself was bareable and I was okay after. Months later I would get the shocking feeling like when I was administered the initial test. As time went by I started getting pain in my shins if I sit to long. I actually have to prop my legs on something. That part is hard because I'm administration and sit all day. I literally have to get up and walk around to avoid the pain. There is no relief and my doctor that it was probably the test but there's really no proof but to get another one. Um no ma'am , I'll just take an Aleve and walk it out.
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,241
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