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Looking for ideas...winter time/walking post-op

FarmgrrlFFarmgrrl Posts: 146
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:41 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
So, I'm 12 days out from my repeat discectomy/laminectomy. I was held over in the hospital because of the weather (snow/ice) an extra 2 days. Got home on Monday. The snow finally melted off enough that I was able to get out side for a walk on Thursday to the store with the BF. Now, on Friday we started with another Nor'easter (pouring rain/wind) and I got a ride to the grocery store in the middle of it (had to get cat food). Today is Saturday and the rain has changed to snow (again). Once the snow stops the temps are going to drop and everything is supposed to turn to ice! The weather is forecast is for more rain/snow on Tuesday & Wednesday and then another storm is supposed to roll in next Friday! We're not really accustomed to this sort of weather. We might see snow once or twice a winter here and it's usually just a dusting. am I supposed to get in my walks? I live in a small 1 bedroom apartment on the 2nd floor. There is a treadmill in the exercise room of my complex but how do I get to it without breaking my neck? Not to mention, the stairs of my complex are wood so they get particularly yucky with this kind of weather. I don't want to slide backwards in my recovery and I definitely want to do all I can to prevent scar tissue overgrowth. By the time I got home from the grocery store yesterday, I was in a world of hurt (only was out for about an hour).

I'm kind of feeling like a lump on a log here. I'd like to pick your brains for some ideas! Thanks!



  • I am trying to come up with something-just wanted you to know!
  • Can you rent a treadmill?
    Can you walk back and forth in a hall way on the 2nd floor?
    Can you walk back and forth in your condo? I know boring but if you had music at least you will keep entertained.

    I was up against the same thing trying to figure out how to walk. I have a treadmill so am lucky. If not, I was going to walk back and forth on my driveway or in my hallway and figured at least I would know exactly how many times so I could increase as time went on.

    I'll try to think more.
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  • I like to go to the shopping mall nearby. It's huge, enclosed and it's nice to browse the stores and grab a snack while walking around. You may be too early out in recovery yet for this, but it's a good option later down the line. We are full of snow & ice here so I had the same problem with finding somewhere to walk.

    If you do decide to try the treadmill, make sure you stand with your feet on the sides of it before you turn it on. Then when it's on a very, very, very slow setting you walk onto it.
  • j.howiejj.howie Brentwood, Ca., USAPosts: 1,743
    I have a pair of slip on, zip up snow boots. that are easy to slide into. I bought a set of ice cleats that strap to any shoe or boot. I just leave the cleats on the boots. water proof, snow proof, and ice proof! You can order them at or
    I'd rather walk in the snow and ice than the rain. but Ive got rain gear too. One way or another you can get your walks in and get out of the house. Avoid cabin fever! :D
    Good luck, Jim
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  • Christine....I hear ya. We didn't get snow, but I walked to the grocery store which is just a 5 minute walk and nearly froze to death!!!! I'm in NYC. I have a treadmill which is stuck at an incline. I've had to just walk around my crazy house for 15 minute intervals. I must look looney and it does get boring but with an ipod...I can probably walk anywhere!

    If you get some good ideas or figure something out, please let me know. It gets boring being at home!
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  • Christine I am right with you too. I am in NE Ohio with a foot of snow. I am 7wks post-op from an L4 ALIF. I walk up and down the hallway from bedroom to kitchen to change it up I take a spin around the kitchen island. Put your ipod on and keep telling yourself "I would rather be doing this in the winter than ruining my summer!"......

    good luck
  • If it was me, I wouldn't risk falling or slipping with an awkward move to catch yourself in this weather. You just had surgery so give the fusion time. It just takes one accident to regret doing it in the first place. I know it's boring but stay inside and walk around the house, back and forth from room to room. I know it's hard! It's good we have hardwood floors because I walked around my house so much I'm sure we'd have a worn a path of carpet throught the house!I live in FL but between rainy days and not being able to drive myself I was stuck inside.If you have family and friends, ask them to come visit. Visiting might help walking inside not be as tedious...ok, not true, but it does help some! I even walked back and forth while visiting then I was happy to rest as soon as they left! LOL! Good luck! The weather will get better and you'll be out and about soon! Keep busy with your new friends here until then!

  • hi christine
    try those cleats they are great for icey weather..perhaps call landlord and get stairs salted and get to the exercise room..
    there are alot of online exercise ideas..not sure what your doc said you can do but..
    alot of chair exercises are good..
    you can go online check out your local library have many online free programs..
    keep moving however you can..
    do you have any family or friends that can come and take you to indoor mall great for walking..
    best of luck on your recovery hang in there
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    good few yrs. 09 pain sharp, numbness feet,legs, diagnosed fibro, neurop. legs.lung issues.
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  • Try marching in place. I've had a 2 level lumbar fusion and marching in place has really helped me to trim down. It also gets your heart rate up like an aerobic activity. In PT they said to not bring my knees up high, to just lift the feet a few inches off the ground. Like you I am also terrified of falling. I have had 4 falls on ice already! When it's not icey I do enjoy walking outside with my Yak Tracks on my boots(like Jim), they grip really well in the snow. But you can get the excersize you need right in your own home. Try the marching(gently), start slow and add more steps daily. Make sure it's okay with your surgeon first though. I'm no expert.

    Faith M
  • It was really icey here over christmas when i was about 9 weeks post op. I still walked each day but maybe it wasn't the best idea. I was so scared of falling that I was really tense and it hurt! Also the cold doesn't help. We have dogs so we took them with us. It does seem to be even harder to get traction post op than before.
    Maybe try the marching on the spot etc as others have suggested.
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