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Positive ESI Results Hard To Find In This Particular Forum



  • j.howie said:
    I had positive results with epidurals. They allowed me to get an extra 4+ years of work. And I'm very thankful. Because they gave me the chance to pay my early retirement up! Unfortunately the epidurals couldn't halt DDD and eventually I had to have surgeries. But that 4+ years was more than I could ask. And I consider that a success!
    Good luck, Jim

    Hey Jim.

    Glad to read that you were one of the lucky folks who experienced pain relief after an ESI. No, the epidurals are not a cure, but Im with you that if successful, an ESI (or 6) can give you months and years of functionality and relative pain-free happiness.

    Good luck to you too.

    ( looks like I duplicated this post...sorry! Thats what I get for trying to multi-task...typing and watching the Super Bowl! Ha!)
  • If you read or join other forums on other topics where there is a likely chance of things going wrong (cars, for instance), you will find an overwhelming majority of grizzles, complaints or negative comments.
    Take cars for example, as I'm on a forum.
    People very rarely just do a post saying that my car is wonderful etc. they might in response to a negative one, but they will not start a topic.
    This is because these forums are a good place to vent frustrations and so on, anonymously.
    So in my experience they will almost all be negative.
    It does give a very unbalanced view of the world out there, so you must try to get some perspective.
    For instance, if 10 forum members complain about a car problem, it looks overwhelming when read all together.
    But when you take into account the small forum membership, and of that number how many have had the problem, then compare that to the numbers of that car sold, you will see that it is a tiny percentage.
    So you will always find a predominance of negative or problem posts-after all, that is what the forum is for, isn't it? People with a problem looking for help?
    There have been some good news topics, but you can only reply once, really, not every day.
    But, you make a good point.
    Perhaps a section for treatments that have had a good result only?
    That might be useful, to save reading so many unhelpful or irrelvant posts.
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  • I can't say I've had any adverse effect - other than some bruising at the injection site. I tried injections four time, though, and they never worked.
  • AmandaCN said:
    I can't say I've had any adverse effect - other than some bruising at the injection site. I tried injections four time, though, and they never worked.
    Hi Amanda.

    Your experiences sound like mine. Numerous injections with short term relief (or none at all) and no adverse reactions to speak of. I got lucky with this round of injections though and the pain relief is wonderful.

    Good luck.
  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,072
    Without listing everything in this thread, as I mentioned earlier there is about a 50-50 success rate with ESI (from posts made here)

    There have been posts made by members that had very negative results. Bad, severe pain after the ESI.
    That should not be normal. We have also had members talk about ESI's done in their doctor's office without the use of a sanitized Operating room environment or the aid of a fluoroscope.

    I had about 7 ESI, some cervical, some thoracic, some lumbar. The ESI's that I had the most positive results were from the lumbar area.

    I am still a firm believer in ESIs as a conservative treatment. When people are faced with spinal problems, I always say exhaust every conservative method before looking towards surgery
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  • Stan, I also believe that ESIs need to be an option for spinal pain patients and personally, I can only go by what others say about success vs, failure - I've never kept track. I'm in the semi-failure catagory, but that was a pretty obvious pre-conclusion with both my cervical and lumbar MRIs.

    But with the statement you made that there are't very many success stories here on this thread, there can be many reasons, one being something already stated - that those that had success have moved on and no longer seek support here.

    Another possibility is that by the time members find Spine-Health, their spine problems are severe enough that they're way beyond the relief that can be found by injections alone. Read the New Members section, where almost all new members begin their Spine-Health life here, and you'll find more than 50% (probably an even larger percentage) that have already tried injections, already saw or have been referred to a surgeon, or have already been told that some invasive treatment is warranted. That's when spineys get scared and seek help and end up here.

    Another situation to consider is that a member may have multiple issues going on where an injection might help part of the problem, but the other problem(s) can't be helped by the injections. I'm in this catagory. I had sciatica from a bulging disk, facet joint hypertrophy, stenosis and, of course, the usual arthritis and DDD, all with different symptoms. All this was most severe at the L4/5 level. The ESI I had took care of my sciatica completely, but there was no injection that was done (and there were plenty) that could help the stenosis and facet joint issues. After my surgeon got in and saw my lumbar spine during surgery, there was no wonder. The MRI imaging didn't show the extent of either of these problems.

    I think you get my point, though - for many members who join it's too late for injections, they've already been tried, didn't help and now they're here for help with more invasive therapy or their injection helped one part of their problem but not another. That's when many people get scared and seek help - when conservative measures don't help and are told that they're going to need more invasive measures. That's when our members seek us out, as a general rule.

    There are a plethora of reasons for there not to be more success stories in this ESI thread, and I hope I gave you some more to consider.


    PS I never had any adverse effects from injections either.
  • I think there are some very valid points made as to why people don't post more positive results in regards to spinal injections. When it goes well for them they typically are happy and move on. We see it all the time with members coming here looking for what to expect from any given procedure. When they get the result they are looking for they move onto a normal busy life. By the time I came to this forum I had already been through the injections and two surgeries. Were the injections a failure wouldn't say that. Just was no longer a candidate since there was cord involvement So in a effort to truly measure wether something is a success or not we would have to have members with the same identical problems. Many have to go through the injections with the doctors fully knowing they won't help, to satisfy the insurance requirements. But if you want to figure the success ratio out first you would need to see the others films and the degree of the issues before such a conclusion could be reached. For example is it bulging, herniated, protruding disc or free floating? Is the disc sitting on the exiting nerve roots? What type of herniation is it lateral or midline? Is their a stability issue? What part of the spine is being injected? As you can see there are many different variables that go into what would measure the success of such injections. Sense we don't really have any of this information I doubt we could come to any definitive answer to the success or failure of spinal injections.
  • I agree that the outlook of the person is so important in determining the outcome. --and the luck of the draw as far as the problem we come to task with.

    In my situation, my very abrupt symptoms and diagnosis of 4 herniated cervical discs, 2 of which were ruptured to the extent that my doctor was very concerned about the health of my spinal cord, I was so shocked by the amount of pain that came upon me! No news to most of you, I'm still new!

    The steroid shot breathed hope into me. It didn't hurt a bit, and I waited with patience and pain to see if there would be a change. Everyone-- and I mean everyone who I know that had this treatment had postitive results! Unfortunately it did not work for me. This is not to say that in the future, when my other two herniated discs above my fusion act up, this won't work. I am going to use all available weapons against pain and to avoid surgery.

    As far as a positive outlook, it is so necessary to seek out advice, research all you can about your condition, the treatments available, and ask so many questions so you can make the best possible decision for your health.

    My doctor suggested this website and I was very thankful. The articles and each of you have helped me know what to expect, what to ask, who to ask. All of which has been the best way for me to go in with my eyes wide open. I am a tough little cookie as well, so I don't like to show my weaknesses-- but I can accept help and the more you know, the more prepared you are, so you don't have to toughen up so much!
  • I must apologize for what i said earlier.

  • j.howiejj.howie Brentwood, Ca., USAPosts: 1,741
    I posted a few days ago to this post. And have been thinking that I should have added, that the majority of people who have had positive results with any kind of procedure are out living their lives and not on forums that much. And the ones like me who did have positive results for a period of time have had the problem that eventually your back will progress in it's downward spiral.
    You know what they say........once a bad back, always a bad back!
    Good luck, Jim :?
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    You get what you get, not what you deserve......I stole that from Susan (rip)
    Today is yours to embrace........ for tomorrow, who knows what might be starring you in the face!
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