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had 360 fusion 5 days ago

doug260ddoug260 Posts: 12
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:41 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Had ALIF/PLIF surgery (L4-S1 for spondylolithesis) Wednesday morning. I was in surgery for 6.5 hours. The pain is definitely manageable and is more of a soreness. They moved me to a rehab on Friday. Had a small fever for a few days but I didnt really feel all that bad. They have me on 4mg of dilaudid every 4 hours (so please excuse any spelling or incoherence) I was walking by the second day. Day 3-4 doing laps up and down the hallway with a walker. Today I ditched the walker and just slowed my pace for a little extra stability. Don't know when I'm getting out of here but I'm not in any rush (too much snow out there) I am 36 year old guy and am the youngest guy in here by about 35 years so its a little weird. I am a little backed up though but that is to be expected and we're working on it. Too soon to say about long term effects but I'm just letting people know that FOR ME it was much worse in my head leading up to the surgery than the actual surgery itself. If anyone has questions about the surgery, feel free to ask


  • Great your surgery is done and you're having less pain. I hope they send you home when you're ready and things are moving okay. Take care and hope you heal completely from surgery. Charry
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  • j.howiejj.howie Brentwood, Ca., USAPosts: 1,741
    It sounds to me like youre doing incredibly well. I had a 360 3 level anterior, posterior, with bone harvest from my hip in 2003. My anterior was about 4 hrs. and 3 days later the posterior was about 5 hrs.
    Your doing much better than I was. They used morphine and I didn't do well with it. And I would assume the procedure is much more high tech. now.
    But at any rate, I couldn't wait to go home. But that was kind of a mistake. Because the pain was,none the less controlled much better in the hospital and not worth a darn at home with the meds they prescribed! I could have stayed 2 or 3 more days if I chose to. And should have!
    We had opposite views of the surgery though. I thought it would not be bad. And it was for me. I wish you luck in your recovery. And remember, It was major surgery! Take it slow and easy and don't hurt your self by getting over confident. This is a surgery that you don't want to screw up! And you don't want to have to say, oh man, I shouldn't have done that. There are some big prices to pay!
    Good luck, Jim
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  • Hi Doug-I had a 360 L4-5 six weeks ago-you are doing great!Don't overdo,and rest-if someone can shop for you when you get home I suggest getting Miralax to keep you moving.It doesn't cramp,no "runs",it just keeps things normal.It comes in a big plastic jar,and is offered in generic.I went back in the hospital after my first fusion for pooping problems,and this is what the dr.put me on.--Let us hear how you are doing!Jeannie
  • It sounds like you are on target for a great recovery. Remember, like Jim said, you just had a big surgery, be prepared for possible ups and downs. Keep us posted, we are here to support and encourage you.
    God bless and keep You,
  • that should be your user name!

    Your post has been so encouraging for me to read, although I know that most people suffer more than you seem to have. I am facing a posterior fusion for spondylolisthesis and am reading all I can to arm myself with information.

    I'm sure I'll think of some questions to ask, but for now, I've just got in and its late and time for bed. (I'm in the UK)

    Take care and keep healing. I hope that your journey continues along this smooth and straight road.
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  • Sounds like you are doing well. I am glad your pain is being controlled for you. It is a big recovery, but you seem to be on the way. Keep that wonderful positive attitude and you will do great. Keep up with the walks. They really are important. Love, Robin
  • Good to hear from you so soon and that your recovery is going well. Keep taking things steadily and do lots of walking and resting once you're home. I'm nearly 4 months post-op and still have to be careful with sitting - 30 mins max.


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    ALIF L4/5 2009
    Laminectomy/discectomy L4/5 2008
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