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losing faith and patients

salty444ssalty444 Posts: 148
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:41 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
My wife took me to the Er last night since my back and leg pain were unbareable. Top it off with pissing my pants and dropping number 2 on the floor as I was getting into shower.....they gave me another MRI, prednisone, percocet and say to see my Dr in morning....

Well my Dr is in surgery. I should have stayed


  • You know life would be a lot better if these Dr. could live in our shoes for a week. And yes if i was you I would have stayed.

    hoping you to be pain free

  • Yes it happened before going to er
    I was told by his office nurse he would meet me at er. I was given another MRI which contraditcs my other 2. It says central disc protrusion. L5 s1 when my previous MRI said that level was transitional. It did not mention anything about findings in MRI performed a month ago...

    Dr never called me.... I was told at Vassar hospital that nothing surgically could be done

    I have appointment at 12 tomorrow with Surgeon and I'm not leaving without a treatment plan. My back and leg hurts so badly no way am igoing to pt
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  • What is CES. .... I just want this back pain to go away. 20 mg of percocet didn't even scratch surface
  • The er Dr said my new MRI did notshow evidence of that
  • I'm with Gwennie on this.
    If your surgeon is not seeing anything, then it's time to find a new surgeon.

    Loss of motor function is considered an emergency from what the doctors told me (at 3 different hospitals). I'm surprised the ER released you without further tests but then again, I know the ER's job is to get you 'mobile' to leave so you can visit your own surgeon to discuss testing and next steps.

    I haven't read all your posts but this one would worry me. I am glad you have an appointment with your surgeon.

    In the meantime, can you contact your insurance, healthcoach (if offered thru your insurance), or primary care to see if they have other suggestions for Neuro surgeons?
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  • The good news is it happened once and not again

  • I have been told by every doctor that I have seen, that if I get any bowel or bladder control problems, it is an emergency and I must see a doctor immediately and that I will need an emergency surgery to deal with it, in order to stop it becomming permanent.

    Hope that you manage to see your doctor soon Salty, and that everything is ok.
  • I am going tomorrow at 12:15 and also setup a second opinion for next Thursday. Trust me I'm not taking this lightly and I'm not leaving his office without options for treatment. I'm in so much pain that pt is not ontop of my list
  • Just wishing you a feel better. Hope all goes as you plan tomorrow. Good luck.

  • this happened to me also! I was horrified to say the very least! (still am) My surgeon sent me to the closest ER. There they kept me NPO in case I needed emergency surgery. Tested the spincter muscles which were also weak. Repeated MRI, although there are issues, there isn't compression on the spinal cord! My surgeon was/is very concerned as compression on the spinal cord can result in paralysis and/or permanent damamge to bowel/bladder.

    This hasn't happened again to me either and I pray it won't! If your surgeon is not extremely conserned, time to find another ASAP. Good luck. Keep us posted
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