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March Surgeries

JulieAJJulieA Posts: 1,380
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:41 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
I recieved my surgery date today so I thought I would start a March Surgery thread.

I go on March 1st- C5-6-7 ACDF. Pre-op on Feb 25th.



  • I am having my 360 L-5 S-1 single level fusion on march 9th. I will be traveling 3 hrs to NYC to the Hospital for Special Surgery. I hope I will be able to travel the 3 hr ride home. I stopped my Advil this week. I have been taking 5-6 a day for months and also stopped my ultimate omegas(fish oil). I think the fish oil really helped with some anti-inflammatory effects cuz since I stopped my allergies, asthma and back pain are worse.I also had to stop my HRT one month prior. It could be a long three weeks!! Lynette
  • Just curious how do you fuse if your disc's are still in place? Is it just fusion by hardware? lynette
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  • I think Gwennie is talking about when they leave a portion of the disc around the outer edge- the center should be replaced with some kind of BMP or mixture.

    Am I right Gwennie?

    Today the hospital called and pre-registered me. I am lucky I have 2 large hospitals less than 10 minutes from my house.
  • well i went today for all my pre-op test
    im haveing / L4/5 + LD/SI PLIF posterior lumbar interbody fusion / pedide screw fixation

    really gets to your nerves the longer i wait. scrared to death as im sure many are the first time, i pray this is the one and only time. gotta travel anout 50 miles to the hospital university of TN. will be staying at my sons for a while, my daughterinlaw is an occupational theropist at the hospital so it will be helpful to have her around.
  • I'm having a microdiscectomy on March 1st. I just found out yesterday, so I'm really nervous right now. It probably doesn't help much that I also had the flu yesterday too. So on top of the nerves I've been running back and forth to the bathroom. In fact right after the dr. told me I needed surgery, I had to run out of the room to throw up!! LOL I wonder if he gets that alot!
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  • I have just been booked in for a decompression and spinal fusion at L4/L5 on 19th March.

    I have been trying so hard to avoid this for so long now, but have been told that it isn't if, but when it gets worse.

    Time to face my fears and bite the bullet.

    I'm going to need lots of help here, because I am TERRIFIED at the idea!
  • it seems like we are all scared so I'm going to interpret this as we are all "normal"! Debra, I know you will be in great hands since your daughter in law is an Occupational Therapist! I am one also!:-) I no longer work in rehab though as it was just too hard on my back (I've been workig for 24 years~how can that be?) Now I work with babies birth to age 3.

    We are all in this together, we CAN and WILL do great! This website is an answer to prayer! There is so much support and education. I use to pray to just meet one person who is going through this, I know several men, but no women. I think women have some unique challenges (shaving our legs):-)

    Hang in there everyone! Happy Saturday! Shari

  • she has said she will shave my legs for me. She has been doing my pedicure for the last few months as reaching my toes has been so hard.

    Today, she said what a good thing that all these problems didn't start 3 or more years ago. She was living in South America then.
  • I had to work out of town this week. So as I was sitting in my seat on the airplane I see my NS nurse, his MA and then him getting their first class seats.... So when I get off the plane they were off before me and I didn't see them in the airport. But later at 4:30 PM who gets in line behind me when we are boarding? There they are. I shook hands with him and talked about our pre-op next week. Apparently he started flying to this city 1 per month so his patients would not have to travel so far (600 plus miles). Pretty cool I think.

    Any way I have about a week left. Starting to get everything done. I broke down and shaved my legs yesterday. I figured I was already really sore from such a hard day out of town it wouldn't matter. I had not shaved in 6 weeks or so...... OMG what a mess. I am thinking of going in for a pedicure but am afraid of getting an infection before the big day. Hubby said he would help me out but last time he cut my toe nails too short.

    Today I am going to buy a new shower head with a hose so I can wash my hair while sitting down if I need to. I bought new button up pj's for the hospital yesterday.

    How is everyone doing?


  • How about using cream hair remover rather than trying to shave?It seems that would be easier.Also,you might think about a french manicure type pedicure-one that looks nice for a long time.I painted my toenails a light neutral before I went into the hospital so I wouldn't have to mess with them,or get tired of the color.
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