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March Surgeries



  • Wanted to wish you well for tommorrow.
    I.ll be praying for you

    sorry, haave to stop now
    Be back soon
  • We I finally feel like posting something.

    It has been a rough, but good ride.

    First thing is that my doc does not believe in using a pain pump. So I was asking for meds like crazy.

    Surgery was on the Wednesday the 17 and had the cathoder taken out that evening and was managing pain pretty well.

    I couldn't urinate and had to have cath put back in. The problem is the had to try it three times untill they could get one in. That's when things got really rough.

    Was talking to my doc on Friday and he was wanting me to to home. Which seemed too early, but he is one of the best there is.

    So I go home Friday right after lunch with a cath and now have to go to urologist on Mon to take out.

    My wife and I were falling apart. Then we had a talk and just decided we CAN do this. Yes it will hurt, but we can and will do this.

    We started looking for ANY positives we could, as oppossed to just when my next pains meds would come.

    One of those was getting the cath out this past Mon. I was at the docs office for 3 hours, buth the cath came out and everything checked out OK.

    Saying hi to you guys is the positive I am on right now. Next is checking out all my BBall brackets.

    I'm getting a little tired so I'm going to say goodbye for now.

    Thanks for all ya'll support!

    WE CAN ALL DO THIS!!!!!!!!
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  • Hiya Screentex! I've been thinking of you and looking for your post!

    Bless your heart, you went home so early! I love it that you and your wife are looking for the positive in life! It really helps getting over these bumps in the road. The sense of humor helps also.:)

    Is your pain well controled? I think that is so important in the early weeks, because it you get behind and the pain is ahead of you, it is soo hard to catch up!

    How is the walking going?

    As you can imagine I am devistated by the NCAA tourny. But I will cheer for Baylor with you! good Luck

    rest well and looking forward to hearing from you! Shari
  • I just want to say to all of you , I feel a connection , I feel your pain and laughter....I had my girlfriend watch some surgeries on youtube so she could get an idea what we ( I ) are going through....God bless her , but to the outside person , they think this is a simple procedure , and maybe it is....for me there is alot going on with my body beside the fix.....I mean , every thing hurts from my waste down , the meds make me itch 24/ best friend now is my grabber..ect...dont got me wrong , I have a great out look,,,,I have to , or I will fade away....she said she could watch the whole video , but she has a better understanding now....for the person that wrote above me,,,well I left my girlfriend of 4 years 2 weeks before my surgery , and I am glad I did.9 I am not giving any advice here , it some ting that had to be done )..we still see each other , but that's it....Life is good , I love you guys....!!!!
  • My doctor is all about getting you home as fast as possible to avoid infection.

    My pain is under pretty well under control. We are getting a system down that is helping alot. We monitor VERY specifically how long I do a certain thing and then how that thing correlates to pain. It's not magic, but I has really helped with my pain levels.

    Walking is going pretty good I think. I walk to the bathroom and back about every 4 hours and around the living room and back to our bedroom about every 6 to 7 hours.

    Sorry about KU. I had the winning it all in one of my brackets. In my other bracket, I have Kentucky winning it all. In that bracket, I am currently in 3rd place out of 578 people. First prize is about 2500.

    You have no idea how excited I am about Baylor in the tournament. I have very strong ties to Baylor and the BBall program.

    So how are you doing now? Pain and just getting around the house type stuff.
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  • Hiya Screentex! Congrat's on your brackets!:) I am still in mourning so haven't looked at mine since Sat. You know I will continue to pull for Baylor. Do you know what time you play on Friday?

    I'm doing ok. I am now totally independent with dressing. When I came home I had trouble with my left leg. My range of motion is better and I can now put on my own socks~which is meaningful to me as my hubby but a little rough! :)

    My bed mobility is so much better and not nearly as painful. I still have trouble remembering how I am to get into bed and the car, but I catch myself. I am no longer sleeping with my brace on. I take a benedryl at bedtime as I now sleep though the night ( with the exception of the past couple of nights).

    My walking is much better. I came home with a walker, but I didn't need it. My hubby insisted I use it the first few days, but now it is in the garage. When walking my movements are much more fluid and less quarded. I try to walk outside at a minimum of 3 time/day 10-20 minutes each time. I am very careful how long I sit, getting up each 20-30 minutes and walking lots aorund the house. My surgeon really doesn't care if I sit, he just wants me to move around a lot. I have just recently found a chair that is comfortable to sit in~my grandmother's rocking chair, and now the sofa is comfortable to lay on, although I really haven't.

    Riding in the car is much better, the bumps don't hurt as bad.

    I started PT between the 1-2 week postop. It is going well. My incisions are now well healed, so I am able to begin aquatics. Our temperture sensor for our pool/hot tub was knocked out recently during a thunderstorm, so I am bugging my hubby to get it fixed so that I can use our home pool also.

    With all that said, things took an unexpected turn the past few days as it appears I have an unexpected complication. I have been experiencing pain, swelling, under my abdominal insicion (on my left side). I thought is was just related to abdominal, internal soft tissue "stress" from the surgery. This week it has gotten worse. 2 nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night with extreme pain, sharp, burning, stabbing, deep in my low, low abdominal cavity. Then at PT, things were good. I was doing arm rowing weight, and the 2nd to the last rep, I started getting the sharp pain. It's the kind of pain that takes your breath away and puts tears in your eyes. My PT stopped treatment, iced, said it definately isn't muscle pain/strain and put PT on hold.

    I saw my internal med. doc yesterday. She feels it is highly suspitious of an inguial hernia, she agreed to hold PT and referred me to a surgeon whom I see in an hour. This will have to be fixed so I can return to my rehabilitation plan. The concern they have now is that the intestine could be getting strangled~if so, it's an emergency. It not just soon.

    I have to be honest and say this has really bummed me out. I expected to have to have a fusion, expected it would be hard and painful and expected to have to work hard to heal,get stroonger and then regain my fitness level. BUT, something like this never crossed my mind! I'm trying to rally back up, trying to get my spirits up, but this is a huge set back and it stinks.

    Hope you are having a good and pain managed day! Don't forget to be careful as you watch Baylor, it isn't easy to do! Take care! Shari

  • Well had my surgery on 3/12. The doctor said I was a real mess in there. He did the decompression on L3,L4 and L5.And removed the ruptured disc. But it was so tight in there the spinal tube tore and a nerve was torn. He repaired the nerve and the spinal tube but he used some type of clamps to seal off the spinal cord. When I started coming out of anesthetic I was having such extreme pain in leg that he rushed me back into surgery and had to replace the clamps with something different that doesn't work as well for stopping the spinal fluid from leaking. He had originally told me it would be a 3 day stay turned into a 6 day stay meaning I was released on my birthday. Made for a great birthday present. I am still having pain in leg and numbness in foot hoping that will just take time. A little disappointed that the doctor really did not tell me what to expect like how long I will have to use a walker etc.
  • Im glad to hear you are home , I had a similar experience with my Dr. He is very quite , I heard he is good , but the not talking much got to me..the 2 nd day I was in so much pain , he came in to check on me...I looked at him and asked min why he hacked my back , it hurt that much...I told he I dont appreciate every thing is sort of like a stay turned into 5 days , it was supposed to be 3....I made amends the next day ...But I was in alot of pain and was very upset...I to use a walker....Pain is ALOT better now...I have respect for these Dr. , but they best have respect for us , we are the ones that hire em..I still feel abit lost in all this....I just don't tolerate ignorance to well , especially when it comes to my health...

  • I'll get back to you all as soon as I can.
    Missing you all and thinking of you and hoping that you are having your pain controlled and recovering smoothly.

    Take care everyone, will be back as soon as possible. :D
  • We play at 6:30 Friday.

    It sounds like you've had an up and down ride.

    Any kind of set back can definatley be very rough.

    Just try to stay positive and remember the hernia is not a problem with the back itself.

    Let me know what the sugeon says.

    Stay strong!!!
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