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Central Apnea & Hemopytitis

Working WoundedWWorking Wounded Posts: 1
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:42 AM in Neck Pain: Cervical
Has anyone else out there been diagnosed with central apnea and/or had an episode of hemopytitis (sudden onset of coughing up blood). I had 2 episodes of hemopytitis. Both times it came after sitting in front of a computer which made me look up. Within minutes of standing up, I felt a sudden burst of fluid in my throat and when I coughed I realized it was blood. The first episode lasted 8 days. The second lasted 5 to 6 days. Both times, it was the first hour that was the worst. After that it was just small amounts of blood. I had a CAT Scan with dye of the chest done and there is no cancer or tumors or anything else that would explain it. Ever since I have switched to a laptop, I have not had the problem. With complex osteophytes at every level of my cervical spine and severe stenosis, I am wondering if there isn't a connection. After seeing a pulmunary specialists, I was diagnosed with central and obstruction apnea. The central is severe. The obstructional is mild with the exception of the second sleep study where I spent the first few hours trying to keep my head straight. That gave me a higher obstructional reading. Has anyone else have these problems. I really believe that they are connected to my neck.


  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 1,772
    and ask some tough questions - but they are diagnostic in nature. I am not implying anything with these questions ... just looking for cause and effect relationships.

    1. Regarding the sleep apnea - Are you within normal weight limits or ? - Do you have an issue with snoring?

    2. Regarding the hemorraghe from the throat - do you have a history of long term alcohol consumption?

    3. Any issues with High Blood preasure or use of blood thinners?

    Weight is usually the number one contributary cause of sleep apnea and obstructive airway disease.

    Typically osteophytes in the posterior of your spine would not effect your trachea or esophogus. (in front and not connected)(not supposed to be anyway)

    There is a condition called esophgeal variacies that is a thining of the walls of the esophogus that has a tendency to expose the delicate blood vessels residing there. Alcohol comsumption can cause thining - damage to occur to the walls and vessels and cause subsequent bleeding.

    High blood preasure and or blood thinners (even asprin) could advance this condition

    AGAIN I am not impying anything - Just playing guess the diagnosis.

    You need to follow up agressively with your doctors, and seek appropriate diagnoses and treatments.



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