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Back Injury

stranger47sstranger47 Posts: 1
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:42 AM in Lower Back Pain
Well folks, I am just another gal with yet another back injury. I never realized how many of us suffered with this. Anyway, I have 4 buldging discs and a tear at L5-S1 that causes severe pain. I've tried everything from Meds to physical therapy, accupuncture, tens unit, etc. Nothing is working. I've been off work for almost a year now and it's so frustrating. I've gone from a work-a-holic to a stay at home and able to do minimal activities kind of gal. I have had adverse reactions to injections in the past, and they never provided me any relief, but the doc wants me to try them again anyway. Foolishness! So now I am at a loss. I don't want to put myself through those epidurals again for no positive result just to appease the doc, but it may be the only option I have. I don't want surgery, so I'm wondering if anyone has any other ideas? Injections never actually fix the problem. It will likely return even if I did get some benefit this time around. But there's only a 50% chance it will work for most folks, and it's already proven unsuccessful in the past. So, any ideas from anyone would be great. Thanks!


  • I been where you are. I also been told that they can't do any more for me. So I found a great PM DR. That is helping out> he listen and even talk to me. The only thing we came up with is a Spinal Cord Stimulation. It wont cure your problem But it might let you live with less pain. You might want to talk to your DR about it

    ((((((((((((( >:D< )))))))))))))))0

  • Hi there and welcome,

    Sorry you are still hurting a year later.
    It sounds like you are actively avoiding surgery (probably have done your reading).

    What pain symptoms do you have?
    Is it in your back or your leg(s) or both?
    Do you have any loss of feeling or strength or general pain?

    I hate to hear your world is shrinking. I am glad you found us. Perhaps a Pain Mgmt doctor is a good idea who can help you manage. If you tore the disc lining (annulus), there is likely a piece pressing on the nerve. The good news is sometimes that disc will dry out and 'reabsorb' back into the body and give you enough relief. Sometimes it just doesn't.

    There was someone who recently posted (I'll see if I can find it) who opted against surgery but after a year of being out of work and managing, is finally relatively pain free without surgery.

    I hope you can get some good suggestions.
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  • You might see if a minimally invasive procedure could get you some relief...

    You might be a candidate for IDET, which is a minimally invasive procedure to repair torn disc. It won't help with the bulging disc, but if you are having significant pain from the torn disc at L5/S1 this could be a good option. I had great results with this procedure, and the recovery is not bad (nothing compared to invasive spine surgery).

    Have you had a discogram to determine if the discs are your pain source? I would think it would be reasonable to consider a discogram so you can figure out specifically which of the discs are causing your pain, and at least see if you would be a candidate for a minimally invasive disc treatment....
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