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buttock - leg - foot numbness also tightness

Hi everyone not sure where to post this so I guess I'll start here I have numbness in my right buttock - leg - and foot also some tightness in my buttock and foot I would say about 6 on a scale of 10 . I have been seeing a chiropractor and it helped for awhile now it's back again let me say it has never fully gone away any ideas what may be causing this?


  • I also saw a chiro in the beginning that helped some at first but really made things worse in the long run.

    You should see a spine specialist in order to rule out any major issues before even considering going back to the chiro.

    Good luck and keep us posted.
  • Similar advice to the others.
    If you are numbness or tingling down your leg. Accompanied by tightness and/or should see a fellowship trained OrthoSpine doctor or NeuroSurgeon.

    It sounds like you could have your sciatic nerve impinged a bit. It might just be due to inflammation or it could be due to bulging disc or herniated disc. Either way, I would consult a doctor at this point before continuing with the chiropracter.

    Good luck.

    I'm saying this as someone who had a severely compressed sciatic nerve - lost feeling in buttocks some of groin, left back thigh, left heel to outer toe...L5-S1 compression. I had an MRI Report (not images) and the chiropractor would not treat me unless I was cleared by my doctor to work together with him.
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  • With many back and leg issues comes pain, numbness is butt and legs, tingling, pin and needle feelings. Well let me tell you, I broke my back when I was 23, I am not 41 and for 13 years I lived with the numbness and tingling and pain down my right leg.... they did nerve conduction tests and the whole shaaabang and told me I had permanent nerve damage. A medical massuese fixed most of it with a 3 minute treatment! Take a tennis ball and put it on your butt about where the pocket of your jeans or pants are on the butt. Roll it around that area for a few minutes. The muscle that the sciatic nerve runs by is called piriformis, the sciatic nerve can run through it, behind it or in front of it and when this muscle gets too tight... guess what... pinches the nerve and mimics sciatica symptoms... so much so it can fool an emg test. good luck. My symptoms are back and this time is not muscular... so hope yours still is.
  • Welcome to Spine-Health.

    Have you seen your GP? Usually that's a good place to start and if s/he suspects spine problems, then they'll usually take x-rays and try some conservative treatment, such as PT, before referring you to a surgeon or spine specialist.

    The problem I see with continuing with Chiropractic care is that if you have a disc pressing on a nerve somewhere, and you get manipulated in a certain way, that can cause more problems and possible damage. Chiropractors definitely have their place, but if you suspect spine problems, I'd get to your GP before any more chiro appts and begin the process of finding out where these symptoms are coming from.

    Please keep in mind that I'm not a doctor, and these are my opinions from experience only.

    Take care and keep us posted.
  • I have Lumbar stenosis, disc degeneration and bulge in 3 discs. I have pain in my lower back, and hips and numbness in my legs and buttocks. It is best if you talk to your doctor about getting a MRI done the numbness in your buttocks - your feet is possibly due to pinched nerves or pinched sciatic nerve. Chiropractor is just a temp fix I was going to a chiropractor as well but my symptoms gotten worse within 4 years of my last MRI . If you already have an x-ray done and it did not show anything (which by the way it won't) and you are still in pain it is best to start asking for an MRI it will give you a better understanding on what is going on in your back. Trust me it is not fun having this pain and I have had this for 9-10 years
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  • I have a question for you DNice. I read that you said you had a report but had not gotten an MRI. Question is how come no MRI? I have had ruffle 10 15 MRI's I am exaggerating on how many times. But the point is you don't get an MRI REPORT unless you have had an MRI. 
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