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ACDF C6-7 and then some fall time deer hunting.

DaveNHDDaveNH Posts: 57
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:42 AM in Recovering from Surgery
Going in for the fusion on March 23.
Has any one had neck surgrey and then told they could not hunt? I mostly shoot a 12ga for birds and 50cal muzzleloader or 30-06 for deer. Our season is at the end of October through November.
So that gives me about 7 months to fuse.


  • hey dave, first good luck with your surgery and i wish that you have a sucessful surgery and a speedy recovery =D> .
    i had a acdf c3-c7 almost 3 years ago and i am still afraid to shoot my 12ga shotgun. its a semi auto and i am thinking of trading it for a 20ga or 28ga semi auto with a recoil reducing stock that are offered now. i did go deer hunting last year for the first time in about 20 years, but did not shoot my rifle in the field. at the range i sighted it in a recoil reducing gunrest and it is a light caliber, 6.8mm semi auto. i had to mount the scope about 4 inches high and also offset it from the center of the barrel about 1 inch as i can not bend my neck to see through the scope.

    i do not think your surgery will give you the problems that i now have, but i would follow your surgeons advise.
    my state has a great hunting program for disabled hunters and i was able to hunt areas behind locked gates that the forest service provides. i also have a permit to shoot from a vehicle while hunting and would of only taken a shot from the hood of the vehicle using a bipod, and i must hunt with a companion so he does all the work for me. it was a sucess just to be able to go hunting for a few hours, regardless of the neck pain i have. God Bless All, kc
  • I did some internet surfing and found this site.
    It should be ok to post as it doesn't endorse anything.
    It gives advice on what we can do after surgery, sportswise.
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  • Dave, where did you get that attachment ? I am a trapshooter and had an ACDF in June of 2009 (C5 thru 7) and was wondering when/if I can go back. I also golf. My surgeon said I could try anything I did before as long as it doesn't hurt. But I am somewhat gunshy (no pun) ! I look at this brochure as good news.
  • [PDF] Cervical Bk z 5/01 FRCFile Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    Following cervical spine surgery and after the recovery period ... Hunting/Shooting. These activities may be difficult at first for patients following ... INFO PATIENT RES NEUROSURG C... - Similar

    I think it was the second or third hit on that search.
  • Thanks, is that where you had your surgery done ? Do you live in CO ?

    I would think the muzzloader would be better on you than the '06. My surgeon said do anything I did before if it does not hurt. Problem is I have the same pain now that I had before surgery. (9 months later).
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  • No I live in New Hampshire.
    I hunt from a stand (several already installed years ago) so I won't be carrying a gun all day. I hang it from a nail in the tree until I see a shooter come by. Over the years, we learned about dragging them out. First it was with a rope and a stick, then we made this two wheel buggy that greatly improved the problem. Last year we drove in with my new ATV.
    I've got mostly bone spurs along with small canals so the impingment is not that severe. I get the pains at night when I lay down. I get pain when I turn my head to the left.
  • Try the bow. Your shoulder and arm do the work and there is no recoil.
  • I too am keen to see about shooting after ACDF C6-T2.  I enjoy PRS style shooting and use a muzzle brake on my 6.5 creedmoor so recoil is very mild.  My concern is range of motion especially when prone (I was using a fanny pack full of foam pellets under my chest to prop me up before).

    Anyone fused c6-t2?

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