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Does extreme sciatica ever go away?



  • It is best to let your doctor decide on what course of action to take and the type of treatment/s to undergo. While ESI's work for some, that is something that your attending physician, pain management doc or spine specialist should determine whether or not you would benefit from.

    Sorry that you are in such pain.

  • Hi i have had siatica since may 2009,all my doctor says is keep taking the painkillers i dont know how much longer i can cope with the pain,has anyone else had this for so long,i really dont know what to do
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  • Hi i have had this since may 2009,its not getting any better,what should i be asking my doctor
  • Meesha, I think I read everything.
    It seems you did have surgery in June.
    Is that right?

    Is the doctor indicating no more sugery and no shots b/c he wants to wait 3 months post op? This is somewhat common if that's the case BUT if you are a month out and not feeling any relief...can you ask him again at 6 weeks for an MRI with contrast?

    I say that b/c I did reherniate early on and I waited 3 months for re-MRI b/c I ws following doctors fact I wish I pushed for it at 6 weeks.

    Definitely call him and let him know what's going on.
  • hi can anyone give me some advice,iam in contense pain all down my right leg,i have been like this since 2009,will this siatica ever go away
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  • pammy- Have you had an MRI to help find out where the pain is coming from? I would look for a different doctor if all he is willing to do is keep you on painkillers.
  • Yes - I have had sciatic pain, ran for decades. Felt like a muscle in my butt, rolled over and caught the nerve in it. When I walked it ached, standing it ached, sitting it ached. It was not nice.

    Pain killers only gave me temp relief for short periods of time. In the end,I kept looking in research journals for articles that covered treatment and then I either followed it, or took it to a Physio Therapist and asked them to help me with it.

    Over the years I did find a couple that were very good, some I had to teach, they were just out of school and so new, that they believed everything that was in their textbook.
  • hi no mri yet,iam having loads of bloodtests thursday due to diff things so when i go back for the results i will tackle the doctor,i,m sick of takin tablets,i have f/m and loads of other stuff but the leg pain is driving me mad,the pain killers last upto 3 hours,i feel like a walkin chemist,it all started may 2009 i fell really hard on my bottom 2 days later the leg pain started,thanks for replying.
  • hi sounds like you have had plenty,and you will know the pain people are goin through,i hope you can get a good consultant,doctors are a waste of time x
  • Meesha said:
    Will my sciatica ever go away? It's down both legs, been like this for a week, and I can't go to work, and I only work PT as it is. I'm hoping it will be better in another week. Anyone been permanently disabled by sciatica?
    Mine did but it took some soul searching to do the trick!
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