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sex after lumbar fusion

raygirlrraygirl Posts: 22
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:42 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Hi all,

I am new to this site. I have had lumbar fusion just 6 wks
ago and am doing okay with some spasms and pains here and
there. I am on no drugs and am walking a mile a day and up
most of the day. My question is " Are there people on this
site who have had "fairly sucessful " lumbar fusions and
are having " normal" sex after they have recovered well.
(longer than 2-3 mos.) I am wondering if that is a reasonable
outcome if you are doing well otherwise. I know this direct
but there doesn't seem to be anything on the sites except
right after you have had the surgery. I do realize at first
you need to be very careful. Any answers?? Ha Just wondering as I spend my days recooperating. I am a very positive person who will do my exercise to remain very active. Thanks


  • I haven't had a fusion. I've had 2 microdiscectomies.

    But I would guess you can get back to fairly normal sex life (but not sure what normal is for some people). My guess is the first'll have to be careful. I'm assuming once you fuse, you won't worry as much.

    Hopefully those in your shoes can help.
  • Thanks for answering anyway. I probably know the answer
    but worry about it.
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  • Hi raygirl,

    After my first lumbar fusion, I was embarrased but finally asked my surgeon when it was ok. I was told to let my body decide. I waited for 3 or 4 months and it was fine, but I was very nervouse as well as my husband about injuiring my fusion. After one year after the first fusion, things were back to "normal"

    I just had a second disc fused 7 weeks ago and my husband and I tried again, very conservate, but I have had alot of back pain since. (felt good at the time, but I know it was too early)

    All i can say from experience is go slow and listen to your body. It is so important to have a sex life again and I can tell you it was worth the back discomfort (hee hee).
  • I am now 5 months post op and only now really feel ready for sex. I had a slow start to my recovery though, with an infection that lasted for nearly 4 weeks, so I suppose I am really only 4 months into proper recovery. We did try earlier (Xmas!!) but then I sufferred loads afterwards. Not sure if it was the sex or the other xmas related activities. Then I went back to work and have suffered pain ever since, to the extent that by bed time sleep was all I wanted!
    The last few days though I feel I have turned a corner and we tried again with no ill effects. We were careful and my husband was very gentle!
  • They say it's like "riding a bike", but I am not so sure about that :? It was pretty humurous at the awkwardness after 3 1/2 months of celebacy (was injured pre-surgery).

    I am 32 years old, and have been "in the game" for quite some time. Without going into details, it was like my first time, and we ended up in tears laughing so hard about it. GOOD TIMES =))
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  • I must admit my hubby and I tried at 13 weeks post op of my L4-S1 fusion and I did well during, but the next morning I was a bit more sore and stiffer than than I predicted. It took me a week to decide to try again. My hubby was great and took it at my speed and has been so patient with me. All shyness aside...the best position for me after I felt I was ready was on top. ;)) That way you are in control of your movement and you dont have the weight of your SO on top of you. All people are different and as it was said already, the thing is to listen to your body and you will know what is good for you. At this point I am just about back to normal for our sex life. :D Just remember that you may want to take your pain med prior to your first time just in case.
  • The pain meds are great for the females I suppose, but they don't work the same for males. The whole purpose of meds are to desensitize the nerves

    Nothing good about that!!! :W
  • Hi I am considering a fusion from a back injury 17 years ago. The doctor talked about this ejaculation something or other. Does anyone have any insight on this. I was also worried about nerve damage from injury i have started having some trouble with feeling down there at times? Is it nerve damage from injury?
  • I am one yr out of ADR and fusion but still have a lot of pain in back and legs. Now dont get discoraged from my experience because I am a special case.My sex life took a big hit after surgery,we were kind of a crazy couple (5 children) so we had to be creative. I cant stand the weight of my husband body on me and I cant hold my legs up that long due to nerve damage. So with that in mind we tried several different positions. For me the most comfortable is lying on my left side with my husband behind. We do miss being able to look in each others eyes but thats what forplay is for right? Give your body time and experiement with different positions and find the one thats right for you. You body will let you know whats too much. Some pain is just down right worth it!!! Hope this helps and is not TMI.
  • Not too much TMI - I hope you do better down the road
    somewhere and thanks for the info. We recently did
    try it and it was okay for the second time. Good Luck!
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