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Handicapped Parking



  • If/when I finally have my ACDF and if/when I'm offered a handicap sticker, I will take it. But I will only use it if truly truly needed, because I doubt I'll be driving much in the first place and like someone else posted, hubby will drop me off right in front of the store.. It will be nice to have when I'm having 'one of those days' and have to be out for something..

    Like Cath said and I fully agree, "It's better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it."
  • Thank you all for your thoughts. I am so glad I can come to this board with my questions when no one in my normal life really understands (even though they try)

    Love and hugs to all!

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  • I guess if I had asked I could have gotten one. There are a few things that make it less necessary after surgery. First you don't drive till you are off meds so presumably if walking is so bad your driver would drop you off at the door. Second if you feel that bad you probably won't be out anyway. And finally walking is the best thing for you post-surgery even when it hurts a little.

    I remember one or two times when I parked in the handicap spot without the pass. Once was at the doctors office at my first followup and there were no other spots and two handicap spots open. Another was at the supermarket late one night. The way they do the handicap spots first and then the shopping carts mean that the rest of us have a long walk.

    Now that I think about it I probably could have used that pass more before surgery than after.......hindsight is 20/20
  • No Prob.just putting my cervical(and lumbar) 2 cents..
  • Here is a main concern of mine that I do not know why I have not mentioned. I fall down allot. Not like in the funny way, but with my back/spinal issues my right leg has been numbish for the last 6 years. I actually just fell a couple of weeks ago, the bruses on my legs you would not believe and it happened to be in a parking lot so I sort of sat there on the wet ground for a while.. I am VERY nervous walking after this fusion cause what if I fall. I have not discussed this with my neck doctor because he only talks about my neck not my back issues, but in hindsight I really should have told him. I will make sure I mention it before I leave the hospital. Cannot imagine a fall like I had a few weeks back AFTER having the surgery. I am sure it would not be a good thing.
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  • Melissa, don't be afraid or embarassed to use a can, a four-footed cane or a walker after your surgery. The worst anyone will thing anywhere is that you've been in a bad car accident and you'll get doors opened for you.

    Make sure you have the falling thing covered when you get home. Don't take any chances. Like my nurses told me in the hospital - you don't want to be back in here, do you?

  • I am having a day where I just hate my life, nothing is coming together at work or at home. I am putting in 10 hour days trying to get the office ready. I am exhausted. And some days I am just MAD at all that I have to deal with (trust me I know, I know that it could be WAY worse, right...) I am just tired and no one around me gets it. So I have to count on my spiney friends to tell me I am not completely crazy (even thought I feel it right now) I went home yesterday and crawled in bed and cried for like a 1/2 hour before I made myself get up and go feed the kids. I just am NOT myself. I dont want to fall. I dont want to be in pain all day everyday anymore. Oh well, pitty party is over and back to normal life. Thanks for listening. :)
  • I wrote about Handicapped stickers awhile ago, but it bears repeating. If you can get one, GET IT. You don't have to use it all the time. But, there will be times when it is absolutely necessary (you'll know when).

    With what we all will be going through and have gone through, I think we deserve something for all the anxeity, pain and agravation that we endure on a daily basis.

    I'm going for my pre-op tomorrow and I'll be leaving for Florida in about 2 weeks for my PLIF. I'm going crazy just trying to get my house in order as it is not worth asking my husband to help cause he just doesn't get it yet. But, eventually he will, I hope.

    Right now, I'm just so glad that there is someplace that we can all vent. Without this site, I would have been taken away in a straight-jacket by now.

    I'm really starting to get nervous about this whole process and how long it will really take to get to a point where I can take care of myself. I hate asking for help. Marsha
  • You are preaching to the choir on that. I am divorced so the ex is my support system and he told me yesterday how "mean" I am. LOL Argh if they all just understood the way I really want to act and I hold it all back. I mean we have to go around nervous, in pain, stressed about the house the job and the kids. And we are suppose to be little miss sunshine, well sorry if I cannot pull that off for you right
    The hospital just called to get me pre-registered. Argh talk about it getting real at this point. I am freaking out.
    Hope you hang in there. We really are tough cookies and we just have to keep telling ourselves we can do this!!!
  • Amen: I'm freaking out as well. I have t start packing as I have my son and 2 little granddaughters coming to see me this weekend (lots of work preparing for them) I know that they want to see me before surgery and I want to see them but it will be a difficult 4 days taking care of an 18 month old.

    BTW, my husband of course is going with me and I have to pack for him as well. He has never done it himself and would certainly pack all the wrong things and then blame me for not doing it for him. Just one of the perks of being married (just kidding).

    WE all have to stay strong within ourselves and tell ouselves that there is a time when we have to be selfish. I intend to do this for the next few months.

    Stay in touch....Marsha
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