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Tears and Fears



  • I would pay to have seen that!! lmao. I know at the time you didn't think it was funny but read what you wrote and you will see why I'm chuckling. My son and I have what we call monkey toes. We can pick up almost anything which freaks out my husband! Sometimes I do it just to get that look on his face.

    Consider this a good day because it all worked out in the end. Hmm did someone say pedicure??
  • thanks Jeannie and Kris I apprectiate your support and encouragement. It is funny and frustrating at the same time....the trails of fusion recovery!
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  • The way you wrote about the incident with the keys is really funny. I know that we all have known this kind of frustration and at the time we know that you could probably kill because of it. But, where there is a will, there is a way, thank goodness.

    Just take good care of yourself and remember that we are all here to care and listen to what ever anyone has to say, good or bad. WE all get encouragement from every post
  • Thanks tahoe granny! I think I am going to give myself some TLC, hang out and watch a movie, cuddle with my dog, maybe even eat some chocolate!

    Hope you are having a good day!
  • :)
    I love chocolate..have one for me too! Marsha
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  • You might try taking a small tape measure with you next time in case something small like this needs to be picked up.

    These are used by construction contractors but there are also some smaller ones for home users and some of them allow the end to be placed at an angle which could pick up various things from the ground. You could even attach a hook type contraption to the end of it.

    Some even have buttons which allow the automatic rolling in the tape once pressed.

    Just an idea to try to have with you next time. However, I am sure the keys will never make it to the ground again!
  • I'm sorry to hear that your roller coaster is not much fun just now.
    Good to hear that you have had some good sleep though.

    When I told my surgeon I couldn't believe how good I felt, he did say that there would be difficult days ahead, and not to be disappointed/surprised when they came.

    I kmow that I am so blessed (hubby, pain levels, recovery)but this is still tough, and makes us feel very vulnerable and helpless emotionally,

    I'll pray for you my friend, :)))

    This is still early days in a very long recovery. God bless you.

  • Awe Jellyhall, reading your sweet post is like getting a big and gentle hug!! Thank you and I've missed you!

    I am so happy to know you are doing so well! You deserve it and God has his arms wrapped around you!!

    Going to PT soon. My insicion has healed enough to begin aquatics, but I need to find something to wear. Pre-surgery I was slim and fit.....not now. So definately can't wear my regular suits....My goal will be to find something by Mon and start aquatics then....hard on the ego. I think this surgery feels like a midlife crisis :(

    My hubby found a lost dog, a little Yorkie yesterday. She is so cute and instantly adapted to our home. Slept with my daughter part of the night and with me the rest. She is laying by me now! Today we will put up signs and try to find her home. While I was in the hospital, our neighbor accidently let my daughters cat out and he has never came back. We are all so sad so we will work hard to find this dog's home. It breaks my heart that some one may be hurting, missing their dog.

    It is so good to have you back! Hopefully the sun is shining for you today!
  • Shari...your gripper should go everywhere with you. I'm giggling at your story but shouldn't be.
    I have been there. The best is I tried to pick up a sock with my 'bad' foot (the one that more numb). My dog looks at me as if I'm nuts and what are you doing?

    I'm glad you managed to get the keys home safely!

    As for the lost dog - thank you for taking the dog in. It is surely someone's but leave a message at the local shelter to let them know you found the dog but will hold it until the family is found(If you can).
  • well, I woke up in the middle of the night in excrushiating pain, deep in my lower abdomen, under my insicion, but deep. After a while, I feel back asleep. I didn't think much of it other than I didn't get a lot of sleep. I went to PT, warmed up with the reclined bike, did some rowing. Everything was great, until the 2nd to the last rep. I got sharp stabbing pains again, under my insicion. It was the type of pain where you have to stop and tears come to your eyes. We stopped PT, iced and I've called my surgeon who is in surgery. Left message for PA who I had taked to on Mon about the swelling. On Mon she had said it would be good if she could see it. I thought it was OK. Now I'm guessing I'll have to go have them check it out.

    Therapsit's can never diagnosis, but they can say what it seems like, etc. She said it definately isn't muscle ache (and we were hardly exerting)it could be a hernia, an burst internal stitch.

    They pain is horrible! And I am worried! It truly, truly is a roller coaster ride!

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