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made it through surgery

blazerblazer Posts: 778
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:42 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
WELL made it through my 3/19 surgery. had a 2 level fusion l4/l5 l5/s1 with 2 rods and 6 screws.had me walking next day, and went home on 3/21 with a bag full of pain killers.and a walker. surgery involved 4 incisions that were 2 inch lomg each ,getting staples out on 3/31. wearing a hard brace and geting a lot of sleep.doctors and nurses in mokena il. were great. i highly recommend them. sometimes up and walking without walker but need a soft pillow to sit on when at kitchen table.only problem is i havent moved my bowels yet. gonna start taking a laxative.have to make sure i take pain medicatios when it is time or i feel it and takes a long time to bring pain level back down to a tolerable level.any insight will be greatly appreciated. best of luck to all.


  • I'm so glad you're home and on to recovery. It's such a wonderful feeling being home that I'll never forget it. It wasn't too bad after my ACDF because it was only a one night stay, but after my TLIF I was insistent that I go home after the second day. My doc really wanted me to stay one more day, but I had the nurses on my side and they "fudged" things just a bit so I could be released by 4pm on Friday.

    I think we all heal so much better in our own space, with our friends and family and all things familiar around us.

    I'm glad your resting a lot, doing some walking and taking your meds as prescribed. Like you said, once your pain gets ahead of you, it difficult to get it back under control.

    Keep up the good work. The difficult time will come when you still have restrictions but feel like you can do things that you can't and shouldn't. That's when our patience really gets tested.

    I assume you have your home ready with a grabber, someone to help you, a place you've found to be comfy, a good way to lay so you can sleep, etc.

    Again, congratulations on getting past the surgery and being home. Take care of yourself and keep us posted.

  • thanks for your kind words. i have 2 grabbers and 3 kids to help me so im pretty much set.just glad to get this done and be on the healing i guess now i just hang out and let my body heal. i had 2 surgeons in operating room so i feel i was in excellent hands. best of luck to you and everyone.
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  • It sounds like you are doing the right things and doing well like Cath said. You are doing the right thing to take your meds on time to keep your pain in control, walking and resting. Don't sit too long or too much for now. I had fusion(L2/3/4) and I found that getting up often to walk instead of doing too much at once helped me gain strength.Walk, rest, walk,rest. Try the laxative along with some foods that you know have worked in the past to help you get back on track. Everyone seems to have a hard time getting our system to work after surgery with all the meds. Good luck! Be careful not to over do it as you feel better. Take care!

  • It is sooo great to be home after surgery. I know I felt better just walking in my door. Like others said, sounds like you are following doctor's orders. Rest, walk a bit, and rest some more. I made sure I took my medications on time and so did my helpers. It is hard once the pain gets ahead of you to get it under control.

    I also had problems getting the bowels moving regularly and had to go the laxative route after I got home, per the doctor. I make sure I take my Sennakot every night and drink lots of water during the day. The pain from that was just as bad as my surgical pain and not something I want to experience again.

    Best wishes and take care of yourself and rest.
  • I would also recommend taking something like Colace twice a day to make it easier on you. If the laxative and Colace are not effective, there are small Fleets enemas you can use. That was the route I eventually needed to take, no fun, but effective.

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  • Yeah I bet it feels good to be home with your family and on the road to a better and relatively pain free life. As Cath said, you're going to be tested with all the restrictions, but you'll get through it.

    Let us know how you're going as the weeks go by.


    XLIF L2-4 20.8.15
    ALIF L4/5 2009
    Laminectomy/discectomy L4/5 2008
  • I wish you a good recovery!! Bowel/Bladder problems are really ofter after fusion surgeries. I have bladder problems post-fusion (fusion was 18 days ago).
  • Welcome home! Best wishes for continued positive recovery! I'm glad things went well. I know everyone's experience is different but I am so glad your surgery went smoothly....and now...let the healing begin!
  • hat is great. The bowels will come in time, just be patient :) You have some great advice here. Sounds like you are doing well, walking, being comfy but following directions. As recommended dont let your pain get ahead of you because it really can be hard to get it under control.

    Remember to use all those wonderful gadgets they gave you to play with.....
  • Welcome home and happy one week surgery day for yesterday.
    Sounds like you are doing well too.
    I also had bowel/bladder problems initially.
    I get my staples out (13 of them) on Monday 29th

    Hope that your healing goes well
    Take care
    Keep resting and healing
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