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Um, embarassing ?: How many of you who had multi level lumbar fusions were overweight?



  • Hi Blackberrybunny,

    I have dropped you a PM with you answers.
    Bobbi Jo
  • I am 46 yrs old and I have had 2 multilevel fusions as my first one I did not fuse. L3-L4 & L4-L5. This was done in Jan. '08 and Sept '09. I am still in pain, more so if I overdo it.I can't sit or stand as my right leg becomes painful and numb. The lower back throbs. I have fallen 3 times in the last month. I try to walk on a daily basis. I too have gained considerable weight since my back problems began in 2006. It does not help the situation but don't feel bad as you are not alone. Depression sets in and you try your best, dieting and with excercise. I know. Also I too live in the country with my dog and cats. My husband works and my children (thank God are pretty much self sufficent) One is 21, the other 17. Are NEVER HOME. So there really is no conversation. I miss work, especially the adult interaction. At first they would call and I them, but eventually they became too busy whether with work or family. That's understandable. I am on disability so one day I hope to get back to being an employed person, though nursing maybe out of the question. Hang in there! I am certainly trying. take care Humnbird :)))
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  • Hi Humnbird, you and I sound like we have some stuff in common, living out in the country, no one to talk to. I am so thankful that our phone company finally came through with DSL for us, and thankful for this board too. At least, you guys are someone to talk to!

    Did they say why your fusion never fused?

    And I've gotta tell ya, I am NOT one to exercise. HATE it. LOATHE it. So I asked my dr. for weight loss meds. He said no, but told me instead to get a copy of the South Beach Diet and read it. He said although I don't condone NOT excersing, this is one diet you can do and not ever once exercise and still lose weight. I didn't believe him, about that part, hahah, but I gave it a shot, and I lost 68 lbs in only 6 months simply by cutting out all bad carbohydrates, and that included all sugars of course, except for small amounts of fruit, and if you like yogurt, cheese, meat, veggies and 100% whole grain foods you can DO this!

    I KNOW I can do it again. The thing for me is the depression. So I'm only on about month 2 of my antidepressants. Had to switch from prozac to celexa. Now I feel a little more determined and have nearly tossed out all the sugars, and bought nothing but veggies and meat and splenda at the store. Oh, and lots of legumes too! Husband loves a healthy diet, thank goodness, or this would really be a problem. He works, so he's out all day and pick up snacks and candy bars and the like if he wants them, but don't bring it home to me anymore. Hardest week is the first one, but then you wake up feeling like a new person! It's an easy diet, the hard part is getting motivated to start it. It's sort of like detoxing your body of all that sugar, and believe me, the first 3,4 days are hell, but you'll get over it! But my sadness, it's eased by one of the things that makes me so happy---FOOD! So I put on a lot of weight too, ate everything I should not have and however much of it I wanted, and now I need to get it off.

    Good luck and hope you have some good days inbetween the bad ones.
  • Black Berry bunny ; We all have gained weight. I just want to encourage you that you can get better. If your quality of life has diminished then don't procrastinate. Most people that want to get better will. My Doctor refused to operate 7 years ago and now he is willing. I was upset then but now realize it was better to wait. My pain has doubled in 7 years and i am struggling to keep my second career going, due to pain level.
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