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A very personal question for only the ladies here!



  • Howdy Bunny,

    Thanks to an emergency "girly" surgery in '02', half of that stuff is gone, so I ended up in Premi-menopause. As such, my so called cycle is between 1 and 2 days, but I will say this now with my back being mean to me over the last 4 months, YES it does make it worse!

    Uterus changes, dunno, I do know that if pain was a 4-6 it moves to around 5-7 for that time period (no pun intended!). Think about this, bloating, hormones change, more bending to put protection there etc. It all tolls I guess is the best way to state it. (G) Take care... :-)

    PCTF C4 - T2, Laminectomies C5, C6 & C7. Severe Palsy left arm/hand.
  • Ironically (ha-ha), I had never had any menstrual pains or problems until after I had my second ESI. I was in pain all evening after I had the ESI, and felt some strange new sickly ache in my spine. I woke early next morning in agonizing menstrual cramps (plus nausea and diarrhea) that had me writhing naked on the bathroom floor in an icy sweat. After that I menstruated every other week for two months. Week long, heavy draining periods. The doctor refused to believe it had anything to do with the injection.

    Things are not so bad now, but I do have painful periods now, and yes - I feel the uterus or whatever pressing against my spine, and my back aches more; also the burning I have in my hip worsens. I have to take ibuprofin for the pain - which is making my hair fall out. Yes - the aching and burning aspects of my pain worsen. I guess that's inflamatory things running wild in my body.

    Thanks for the thread (post?)!
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  • Thank you, ladies, for your comments and thoughts. It was just a bad one for me, I guess! All better now, until NEXT month, LOL. Oh, btw, I'm on birth control pills, so my periods have always been pretty easy. But this time, it was rough! I don't know if it had anything to do with the FJI's I had, or what! Usually the Pill makes it sooo smooth and not much of a big deal. But this past time, woooooo-weeeee, rough, ladies, rough!!!
  • I too have had a tubal ligation, they didnt cut the tubes but use the plastic clips, (you can see the little beggers in my xrays lol) but I still get regular periods, and regular increased pain.
    I had my tubes done because I had problems with the pill, the added hormones to my system caused me all kinds of problems, I too had depo provera jabs, but still being hormones was no good either, then I had the merina iud and due to my cervix being low from child birth twice that was no good and I could feel it too (so could my husband :-$ ) I did still have periods though with the merina iud. Last resort was the clips and that was it for me done, I should probably say though it is absolutly non reversable, and Ive had my kids so for me it was the best and only option less celibacy.

    Hormone wise, when I had my tubes done I was told that it was safe for me due to the fact that I'd still have my ovaries so there would be no messing with my hormones, cause while they are there still even if the egg cant get down and is reabsorbed by the body every month / cycle the natural process still happens and thus I still get my regular periods thus still having the pain everytime.

    So I asked the dr's and they told me that the only thing that would stop the pain being worse at that time of the month is to not have that time of the month, and the only way for me would be a histerectomy, which Id gladly have but there would be all kinds of other problems associated with that!

    Wow, being a girl is just sooooooo awesome, isint it LOL!

    So I just stick to the things I put earlier and try to bear it with all the rest of the pain, but seriously the paracetamol really does help, it doesnt work for anything else for me but hey, if someone told me a fried egg on my belly would take the pain away I'd be getting my home help lady to cook one up and I be giving it a crak! (Im pretty sure that'd be silly so Im not sugesting we do that, but you get the idea of my desperation :-)).

    Hope something helps anyway. KB
  • Hi hon...
    This is certainly not medical advice! Never the less...I do take ibuprophen with my Lortab...jeepers, what else can a person do when the pain is worse and that is all that is available! I no longer have to worry about a period as that ship sailed for me when I was 20 years old (another long story!) but emptying my colon is horendous...I have zero core strength and it's horendous! I pray you can get some relief!
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  • Hi DustyGal, when you say you have no core strength, what does that mean?
  • bbb, core strength means all of the muscles of the abdomen and back that basically connect your lower body to your upper body and support your spine.

    here is a good article since i probably botched the definition:

    my physical therapist said there was research indicating that the transverse abdominus is major in lower back pain, and doesn't require "big" exercises to strengthen.
  • Unfortunately, for me my real back issues began when I went in and had a total hysterectomy. I came out of the operating room with a herniated disc, and nobody thought to even explore and see why I was having such increased pain. They just thought that I was a whiner because of the surgical pain. I had decided that I had had enough of the pain that endometriosis was causing.

    I have to say though and I am not endorsing a hysterectomy for anyone, but it did resolve a ton of the issues that I was having each month. I stopped having migraines, and my hormone-controlled emotional highs and lows became a lot more evened out. Also, the food cravings (fat, sugar) pretty much stopped. I also don't miss my monthly visitor for sure!

    It's kind of ironic because the endo was causing my periods to act kind of like back labor. I would have horrible back and lower abdominal labor-like cramping that would start about a week before my period and last for several days following. After the surgery though I was left with chronic lower back pain, not much of an improvement! But, I just wanted you all to know thatI feel for you ladies who still have to deal with this issue on top of your back issues. Isn't it amazing how much we can put up with? Here's hoping that you are all having a mild pain day today!
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