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44 and in trouble!

Gunny 1GGunny 1 Posts: 12
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:43 AM in Degenerative Disc Disease
Hello Everyone,
pretty new to the board here but so far have been extremely impressed with all of the knowlege i have gaines so far. Any way here goes. Over the last year it has been the worst of my life. I own a gym and have been a competitive bodybuilder and very athletic all of my life. Always in perfect shape until now. Alittle over a year ago it was as if someone had turned a pain switch on from my belt line to my feet. The pain in my back was and still is unbearable. In my small town with only a handful of doctors trying to get someone to listen and help is like trusting in todays economy. After a year of testing... X ray, MRI, PT, Disc O Gram ( what a treat that was ) and 6 epidural steroid injections by 2 different docs, i had no relief. All testing has revealed ddd from S1 up to L4. I saw 2 different surgeons in Reno Nv. who both said that the surgery on me was out of their league due to the shape and relation of my sacrum and pelvis. They said the angle of the sacrum was 2 steep to give them the access they needed to fuse me correctly and both said no way! The 2nd surgeon recommended me to a surgeon in Santa Monica who now is in Cedars Cinai. When i met with him he said he was 100% confident he could get me some relief. He said of course there are no guarantees but said after doing thousands of these things he said he can help. i asked him about the whole angle thing and he said that yes i am tricky but still feels he can get me good results. I ma scheduled for surgery to fuse S1 to L4 on May 27th. I have heard and read both good and bad on the site here but would love to hear comments to my specific case. I just know that i am at the point where this pain thing has become all consuming and i pretty much cant stand it any more! I want relief. Have been on narcotics as well for over a year and am not even looking forward to that whole drill when that roles around. Please feel free to comment or suggest. Doc says 3 days in hospital and then another week in a motel close by because i live 300 miles away from the city. Also would enjoy hearing what i can expect while in the hospital and after i get home? Thank you for taking the time to listen and hopefully comment.


  • Hi Gwennie,
    Thank you very much for the response. I will definately check out the other boards that you mentioned. My surgery is scheduled for May 27th. My understanding is that the doctor plans on going in through my stomach. That seems kind of freaky to me, especially since that Aeorta is there! But i think he said he will have a vascular surgeoun give him access and then he goes to work. I have to head back down to Cedars next week for my physical and to give a unit of blood. I am really anxious to get this done and hopefully move on and be one of the successful ones! Thank you also for the great advice. I am trying to grab all of the info I can so I am prepared, God only knows I hate surprises. Any other ideas or suggestions are welcomed so once again thank you very much for the contact. Out of curiosity what have you found or heard as far as sleeping positions post surgery?
  • hi and welcome to the forum! :H we are here to offer you support and answer what questions we can. good luck on your upcoming surgery... be sure and follow your doctor's orders to the letter!! SH will be here to help you through the whole way, please stop by and use us!! :D all the best! Jenny :)
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