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back to work FT: WOW this is hard!!

lynettellynette Posts: 216
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:43 AM in Back Surgery and Neck Surgery
Well I went back to work full time with restrictions on monday. I am a nurse in a radiation oncology office. I made it 8 hrs all 3 days but I am really tired. I have rested for a hr at lunch and then I rest most of the evening when I get home.Today I had to lie down around 3pm for 20min, then they made me go home. I do remember after my microdiscectomy I went back at 8 weeks post op too and remember the fatigue but I am moving better that I did after that surgery. I haven't had that brace on for full days either cuz I don't have to wear it around the house, so that has been irritating. I don't have any real pain, just fatigue. I know I have had success just by some of my movements that I did pre surgery that used to cause me pain that I don't have now. Like just standing in a room with a patient I would have alot of low back pain/pressure or just leaning slightly foward to take a blood pressure I would have pain and I don't have it now! That part is really exciting, so now it's about building up some stamina. And I have been walking 2 miles every other day and being up constantly most of the day and it is still hard. I know each week will get easier. Hopefully I will get through the rest of the week and rest up on the weekend !! Lynette


  • Make sure you are eating enough. I find when I am in pain I don't get enough to eat. You might need to add some carbs for a few weeks or whatever gets you going.
  • sounds like you are doing quite well.
    It's not uncommon to have fatigue. After my revision, my return to work went better b/c my doctor eased me into it which the best thing.

    I remember after the first week of 4-hour/day remote (which I really did 5-6 hours), my husband thought I stopped breathing b/c I layed down on my side on the couch for 10 mins and fell asleep....he kept trying to wake me up and I wasn't responding. He had to scream at me and I remember saying "what?" He said I wanted to make sure you were ok and I remember being annoyed b/c I was just so tired.

    Keep it should get easier but stay smart...if you are wiped out and need to go home, then do so. Drink lots of water too...stay hydrated.
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  • Lynette - I am amazed that you were able to return to work so soon. I will be praying that your stamina gets better and that you grow stronger every day. I am sure your body is in shock after returning to work. Hang in there! I know it will get easier for you every day.

  • I've been thinking of you! You must be soooo tired! I don't think I could be back at work this soon!

    Please take care of yourself and if you need to shorten your days, please do!

    Wish I could be closer to bring you dinner! :-)

    Hang in there, will be keeping you in my prayers!
  • Thanks girls for all your encouragement!! I made it through another day and today was easier. I took 2 doses of tylenol today which I didn't do till late yesterday, and had a big lunch with extra carbs (and cake, it was a free lunch). I don't think I was eating enough(thanks Kris for reminding me)cuz I was so conscious of not eating too much when my activity was low. I think I'm gonna make the week!!! Lynette
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  • Glad to hear that today was a better day for you!

  • Wtg Lynette,

    I am glad to see you're going to make it through the week. LOL Going back so soon is hard and tiring. I think it set me back and put me off work again. I wish I had just taken the time offered. But live and learn. I am going back to work next week, so I know I will have a few days of fatigue. I am hoping to battle it like you have. Best wishes and I hope each day gets easier!!

  • Just one more day to get through, then it will be the weekend and you can rest :-)

    Traci : Good luck to you for next week. Take it easy this time :-)
  • I so wish the best for you, Lynn!! Hope you have a restful weekend.

    Traci, you know you are in my prayers for the coming week, also. I will be so happy when I can return to my job and feel productive again...that thought keeps me going :-)

  • Well it caught up with me!! Today I ached all over and wasn't able to do much today. I hope one more day is enough to recover. I have a hot tube so going to soak a while tonight. My legs were so tight and achey, but I look it like PT NO PAIN NO GAIN!

    Shari...thanks for the dinner offer!! I hate to cook. long ago was your surgery now??

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