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back to work FT: WOW this is hard!!



  • Lynette, wishing you 48+ hours of TLC!! Hopefully, you can ice, soak, rest, sleep, repeat...:)

    Is it possible that several times during each day, while you are taking a "quick break" you could lay on your back, hips and knees at 90 degrees with ice? This has really helped me just to decompress and "unload" my spine!!

    You are amazing to have gone back to work already and I am happy to cook for you any time! :-)

    Hopefully, these 48 hours will be renewing for you! Gentle cyber hugs xxxxx Shari

    ***dinner is on it's way!
  • What kind of work are you doing? I wish that I could do something for you...I'm so nervous for you, having a 360 only 9 weeks ago, and sorry that you had to go back to work so soon. Please take it easy tomorrow! We are here for you!!!

    Are you able to go straight home after work and go to bed? How many hours do you have to work right now?

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  • Lynette,

    My surgery was 11/16/09. So I am just arriving at the 6 month mark. I do not know how you were able to go back so fast. I went back at 8 weeks and was right back off. Then went back at 12 weeks, worked 4 and was right back off. So I have been off 2 months this round. I am hoping for the best. Sitting is still so hard for me. But we do what we have to. When I hit the lottery though...

  • Love your photo...I think I will upload a new also. It does give a personal touch!!

  • Lynette sounds like your doing great. I went back to work after 5 weeks and I have been in and out a bunch. I'm at the over 3 month mark now and I still have problems, but it looks like its getting better. I hope. :) I have a desk job too, but chairs can be the most painful things.

    Whoever said some of these supposedly Ergonomic chairs are Ergonomic, if they felt the pains I'm getting they would go right back to the drawing board and remove the word Ergonomic. I was reading, this things that said, lumbar support, theirs "NO" lumbar support in those chairs, just pain. :S
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  • Eric you post made me think of this. Many companies have Employee Assistance Programs. I think these days if they have health insurance they end up with this as well. It's free assistance to the employee and can apply to this as well. Also most companies are more than willing to make some simple changes to keep you happy and healthy and productive.

    So talk to your HR department. I know my job would get an ergonomic expert in if I requested it to look at my work space. A $200 chair is a small price to pay for a productive employee.

    If you are in a small company talk to your boss. There is lots of info on the web about proper sitting positions. I start at my feet and work up adjusting everything. And I have to do this everyday since my body is always compensating one way or the other for aches. My favorite trick is a few reams of copy paper under my monitor. I adjust this as needed since it is my last adjustment. My boss has offered to get a monitor stand but I tell him this is better because I can adjust it as needed.

    Don't accept pain and discomfort as a necessary part of your day.
  • Hey Lynette! :) Thinking of you this morning and hoping your aching is gone and you had a restful nights sleep!

    Hopefully, you can rest today and really baby and pamper yourself! I would love to cook for you! Wish I was closer! :) Although these days I am very slow when cooking. I start out with great ideas, but standing in one place is very difficult for me. It really increases my pain quickly!

    Sending positive vibes and thoughts your way today! Enjoy your Sunday my friend! We're all here for you!
  • Thanks for all your encouragement!! Well I spent any energy I had getting ready for the next week. I did my laundry, have my clothes ready for the week and got some groceries today so I have food for the week and did do my 2mile walk today. I probably shouldn't have walked but I did. It was harder that before I went to work. Hopefully I can get through another week!! Lynette
  • Hi Lynette,

    You sound amazing! You walked 2 miles after doing all that prep work? Darn, that's great energy!

    I just wanted to wish you luck next week and I hope each week gets easier for you.
  • Lynette
    Hope that this week goes better and that you gradually get more stamina.
    Do listen to your body and take some time to rest when you need to.

    You are doing so well, but mind you don't overdo it! :-)
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