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  • It is what it is at this point. I am another one who would like to get a hold of Gwennie if someone has her e-mail address. Please PM me if you have a way to reach her.

    Thanks to the mods for their time and their time spent on this "Banning"

  • Hi fellow Spineys.

    Our team knew this would be a volatile situation when the decision was made to ban Gwennie, it wasn't done on a whim, and I assure you, it wasn't done by Ron alone - it had been discussed ad nauseum throughout the past months, both with and without Gwennie's inclusion. You don't know that Gwennie was warned because none of us really likes to tell on ourselves when we get caught with our hand in the cookie jar.

    As was said, none of the decisions here to ban or warn are taken lightly and is never the choice of just one person. Yes, Ron is the administrator and the final voice of the forums, but he never takes action without asking for the voice, thoughts and opinions of others in the team and owners of the site.

    I have to take issue with some of the statements that Ron is on a power trip or is playing "Big Brother." Ron is a very caring, thoughtful and intelligent person which is why he is where he is. Anyone that has known him for any length of time knows this without question. He takes his work here very seriously and personally and has helped countless members in more ways than you and I may know. He is the kind of rock we need here to keep things fair and under control, without egotism or presumption. As it hurts us to see this kind of thing happen, it hurts him as well, but he has made a committment to do a job and he does it in a very deliberate and fair fashion.

    I too will miss Gwennie, I liked her very much, but rules are rules and without them comes chaos. We try very hard to allow over 12,000 members to receive the support, knowledge and experience of the others so that we can each receive the kind of help that doesn't and won't come from doctors (Neck of Steel said it perfectly). That information is available from the other part of this site and from your own doctor(s).

    Lastly, I just want to remind you that there are still many, many members here that will and can offer help and all is not lost with one single member having been removed. There is a ton of collective knowledge here and if someone makes a post that members have a difficult time helping with, most will take the time to research and find suggestions for that member because they care.

    Our membership here is phenomenal and collectively, we have the spirit, knowledge, caring and hope that all the other members can and need to tap into. You know that when you post needing help, someone will come along to help you, one way or another and you can't say that in our spiney world about many other places, not even in our own homes in many cases. You also have your own set of experiences and suggestions that can help members and that you are welcome and encouraged to share.

    The shock and upset over this particullar situation is understood, but we're all still spineys helping spineys and it will continue to be that way as the weeks, months and years roll by. So don't be discouraged that one member that we cared for is now out of reach. You'll still receive what you need here and will still find a wealth of information, caring and support.

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  • This banning seems senseless to me.
    If we "didn't know what went on behind the scenes" then clearly it was behind the scenes and was something that was not impacting the greater good of the advice she was providing.

    Nothing on the public boards was anything but advice based on experience and was always clear. Any advice I get here, I run by my doctors as just an "idea"....I ultimately used information here and other boards to help me find a doctor I could feel confident in for my personally.

    As for "move on, get over it", that's an unfortunate comment because that kind of complacency has caused many bad historical events. The nice thing is that people are free to share their opinions in life including their opinion on this banning.

    Gwennie will be missed.
  • My curse in life is that I can always see both sides of an issue. This one is surely no different. I am a man of rules. Being and EMT/First Responder, I truly know that especially where anything medical is concerned, we cannot overstep our boundaries. While I know how to suture a laceration, I can't by law 'sew you back up', nor would you want me to. I say this to reinforce the fact that I understand what happened to Gwinnie and why.

    BUT...there was very much that my NS didn't tell me about my fusion surgery. Shame on him. Very much of my recovery has been enhanced by tidbits I've picked up from this forum. Things from how to safely bend over and brush ones teeth to how to wipe your butt when you can't reach it have been talked about here. And Gwennie was very instrumental in relaying much information to me personally that I'm not sure I would have EVER gotten otherwise. Sure, it's an internet forum and one must use common sense in applying any advice or information they find here. I do think, for whatever reason, Gwennie had a neat perspective and was a wealth of practical knowledge that will not be easily replaced. I miss her already..

    Aloha nui loa Gwennie :(

    p.s. on PM's. I don't know where bullying PM's or mean PM's come from. 100% of the PM's I've received have been warm, caring information from wonderful and concerned people. When the little blue box "you have 1 private message" appears, my mood jumps a bit, 'cause I know I'm going to get something neat. Like a present!
  • I too will miss gwennies posts they were very helpful and joyful to read, But i have to agree with trasee and b52, whether we like it or not rules are rules simple as that. no one knows what goes on behind closed doors,(warnings). We are all adults here and should realize that. whether we like them or agree with them is another story,but when you registered at this site you did agree to abide by the rules. Gwennie will be back, but most wont realize its her. A different screen name on a different computer is all it will take. imo/wag my best to everyone.
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  • I don't know Gwennie17 as I have not been back here in a long while. I had a large post count before the forum changed to the new format. By that point there was a lot of drama here and I was healing and needed to "get away" and on with my life as I was back to work.

    One thing I am struck by, reading over some of her posts, is her good grammar and spelling. She seems very intelligent.

    I think it is good to remember that people work through all kinds of personal stuff through these forums, sometimes by way of trying to help others. It is also good to remember that there are a lot of people on all kinds of medications here....I would even say that some people are somewhat buzzed a lot of the time.

    What I am trying to say is that SH is different to say a guitar forum or a hot rod forum where people are exchanging ideas, modifications, photo's etc etc. People here are hurting, they are afraid, they need help, they are loopy on narcotics or have some side effect from some other medication or other, they are frustrated because they get 3 minutes from their doctor and walk out going WTH....what did that mean, do I really need that surgery? Is he just trying to make a Lamborghini payment? What are my options? How many times have you read here " will I ever be the same again?"

    This is not a "normal" forum in some ways, no disrespect but there are a lot of people with issues here and dare I say it not knowing a single thing about anything to do with this......... exceptions maybe should be made, knowing people here are in pain. Mental and physical.

    This is why most people leave here after they start healing up. This is not mostly a happy place. I have read some posts that tore me up. People who had surgeons screw up, insurance companies denying coverage or refusing to cover medications...etc etc. Having people who provide a buffer seems to be a good thing. Often these are the people who have the time and inclination to get on here and try offer advice. The mods cannot do it and are too busy moderating. The doctors are sure not on here giving out any. Besides, there is a difference between friendly advice and an actual diagnosis. We all know that only our own doctor can offer a real diagnosis. Even then there is almost NEVER a definitive answer or prognosis.

    As far as a non-professional diagnosis though.....someone just trying to be someone said, this is the internet. We all know that.

    One of the things I have realized after being involved in many forums is that is almost always comes back to the sponsors. This is where the money comes from to keep things going. The site starts off small but then needs funding to keep going as the demands become bigger. Once there is someone with money involved the "lean" often skews in their favor. The mods and administrators are charged with seeing to it the sponsors interests are not threatened.

    This would be that same as your best friend working on the floor of a warehouse with you, being promoted to floor manager or shop foreman. A lot of things will now be different as he/she services upper management.

    A lot of people here are voicing support for Gwennie. I think that is a good thing to take away from this if you are reading these posts Gwennie17.

    I notice you had over 3000 posts. That is a lot of involvement.

    By the way. I always liked my brief interaction with Miki here.PRIESTESS. I looked for her to send a hey how are you by way of a PM but that is all shut down. Is she still around?

  • While you can not post I want to personally thank you for all the advice and support you gave me since I came here. I hope you can still lurk and c us here.

    You can always email me at

    This is not a democracy so the folks can do what they will but I truly believe you guys lost a great resource. It seems the only purpose for these boards is pity parties.

    It really is a shame...when someone in so much pain like gwennie17 who can not even walk down her driveway to pick up her mail and than comes on these boards to help people gets banned is just truly amazing to me.

    Finally the time we can reciprocate and give her back some of that support that she gave so many she gets banned now. They really could not wait till after the fusion. Was she really that bad that we could not show that mercy to her.

    Good luck with your fusion and I really hope you find some peace in this life. Sorry we can not be there to atleast send you our hope.


    This upset me so much I think my pain levels just went by atleast 1 point on the scale.
  • Ron I have seen posts of yours that tell people what to do and not to do. I wish I would have taken screen shots. You've stepped over "the law" several times!

    I don't even come on here very often due to the reality that something is going on with you.

    People are not that swayed. If they were they would be soooo depressed by this site. Many people share stories that are due to their own lack of personal care which the reader can not have knowledge of so they're left thinking some surgeries are just plain bad.

    Gwen has really been helpful to many. I can't help but wonder if you feel threatened by that.

    I think you're taking your role too seriously.

    The people on this site have helped me get thru the toughest surgery I've ever had. I'm doing great now so I don't need the site but feel sad that others may not benefit from people like Gwen due to whatever rules you think you're enforcing.

    If you're reading peoples "private" messages then they are no longer private. If you've read mine then I'm shocked that you haven't banded me.

    You've given me warnings on things that are so inaccurate that I just stopped posting. I was just speaking about things I was going thru and you decided that I was telling people what to do.

    Okay, I'm starting to babble so I'll quit but I think you need to have a reality check and apologize to Gwen. She's a wonderful influence on this site! Maybe it's time for you to take a break from your position. I believe you've lost perspective.
  • what a great comment. i also don't like the drama that this has caused. it wasn't like it was someone like me that was banned (nobody would probably even notice :) ).

    gwennie helped me out a lot before my surgery, and even things she wrote to others applied to my situation, and helped a great deal.

    my wife wrote my first few posts right after my surgery since i was loopy, but i am the only one who reads/posts since. she knows who gwennie is just from hearing me talk about posts and such.

    thank you gwennie, and i really hope you can find the support you have given so many here in your time of need. i will be thinking about you.

    jsirabella said:

    this is not a democracy so the folks can do what they will but i truly believe you guys lost a great resource. it seems the only purpose for these boards is pity parties.

    i plead the................


  • In all the posts and PMs I received from her I never go the "oh you poor little thing" or "oh you are so young"...just straight forward answers which were informative. Not everyone comes these boards for that reason. Even after my discography Thursday when I needed badly...I let it out here and Gwennie gave her usual straight to the point response.

    All I can say is LaLa be careful...Big Brother is watching. You are the only one left with her kind of knowledge.

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