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No explanation?



  • after discussing this unfortunate banning situation with individuals who know the history of spine health i find this has happened many times in the past. good supportive members sometimes end up banned. its hard to determine the truth behind these moves. you wish there was more information brought to the forefront. its a private site run for profit. the direction is determined by the owners and relayed to the mods. the tone is set at the top. it seems unjust but its just the way it is. we either grin and bear it or go our separate ways.
  • I am deeply troubled by the members here who continue lashing out at the administration here.

    There has been an explanation--Gwennie violated SH rules. She was cautioned and chose to continue her actions. Believe me, this action was discussed and discussed and discussed, for a long time, not taken lightly, and we agonized over what to do because so many members enjoy reading Gwennie's posts. The bottom line here is that no one has the right to play doctor on the forums. Posts that cross the line from relaying personal experiences to that of giving definitions of conditions or telling a member that they have a certain illness--those posts create a legal liability to SH and do violate rules. Oh how I wish this wasn't an issue. I would love to say what I want without worrying about rules. We all would. However the fact remains that it IS an issue.

    This reminds me of "not my kid" type attitudes where people don't accept consequences to actions and do everything they can to get someone out of trouble. Why is anyone owed an explanation other than a rule was broken? Would you want details given out if it were something you did? These things should remain private between the member and the administration, out of courtesy and respect. Obviously those two words have no meaning to today's generation of people who always have to blame someone else for things they don't like.

    Being on this site is a privilege, not a right. If people want to use the argument of Freedom of Speech, go read the history books and gain an understanding of what that means.

    It takes a lot to offend me. I am a rational person who always tries to be fair to others. In fact, I am advocate for the members here. That being said, some of you who have posted to this thread have succeeded in offending even I. If one of you were accused or attacked the way we are being attacked, I guarantee that one of US would stop the attack. This just goes to show that those complaining don't understand respect.

    Do you have any idea how much pain WE are in, how much WE need the spine-health site for support? We are members too. We volunteer hours and hours on your behalf, yet continue to be put down over and over again.

    Surviving chronic pain one day at a time, praying for a reprieve because living another 40 years like this doesn't sound too fun!
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  • SpineAZSpineAZ WiscPosts: 1,082
    What is most worrisome is that Gwennie's surgery is 6/1 and she will not have this site to support her through that. Everyone think back to that moment, or moments, when you really needed the support of this site. Often that is right before surgery and then after when you need peer support for your recovery. Gwennie will now not have that.
    2 ACDFs, 2 PCDF, 3 LIFs; Rt TKR; Rt thumb fusion ; Lt thumb arthroplasty; Ehlers Danlos 
  • not so much to the fact of the banning its self, but for the right to express our disbelief and wish for perhaps a different point of view from the mods/admin. here and the fact that they chose to close the prior discussion on it when it became perhaps to uncomfortable.

    what is done is done. i highly doubt that our pleas will change that.

    my heart goes out to gwennie as i know she needs her friends now more than ever!

    and this folks is most of the reason that i rarely post anymore unless i am really moved to do so! it is not that i do not care, or do not have the information or advice, but i would much rather just keep my head down....its safer on the sidelines!
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
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  • Neck of Steel said:

    It takes a lot to offend me. I am a rational person who always tries to be fair to others. In fact, I am advocate for the members here. That being said, some of you who have posted to this thread have succeeded in offending even I.

    May I respectfully ask what offended you in this thread? It seems as if people are just asking questions respectfully, and not really "bashing" authorities. It is ok to question things, and shouldn't offend someone that is not easily offended.

    Maybe just a CLEAR line of what we can or cannot cross would be in order. I don't expect moderators to get into the personal business of other's bannings, however, this has been dealt with very cryptically.

    The mods and everyone need to remember that a lot of the demographics of this site DO NOT WORK. I am currently on temporary disability, and have NOTHING to do. When things like this come up, it turns into a project.

    Why turn this site into something that it doesn't need to be??
  • You said exactly what I have been thinking. As for all of the posts saying how horrible it is to ban a member 2 weeks before surgery: maybe SHE should have thought about that after she was given numerous formal warnings in the last few months and continued to ignore them.

    There are rules on this site and noone is above them. So please, stop making snide comments about "Big Brother", etc. The Mods have a tough enough job, they don't need more nonsense and drama and negativity from us.
  • First off I locked the other thread. The last post in the thread asked for it to be locked along with about 10 pms I received in reference to it. Not to mention the emails and my yahoo addy going off as well. Unfortunately there has been a update to the system and I am not sure what happened. Normally when we lock a thread it leaves all the post alone and it just can't be posted to any longer. However some of the post in that thread are a clear violation of sh rules without a doubt. I am not going to continue to let bashing going on here, not by anyone. We could have agreed to disagree without the name calling that was going on. In fact one poster disagreed and sense they didn't have enough post they were told off about posting a opinion.

    Now everyone of you want us to tell you exactly what happened with Gwennie with specifics that is not going to happen nor can we pass on the email address.
    You agree not to post personal information about other Forum Members on the site, including email addresses..
    In the original post I am working on trying to put it back with it locked. However, all of you reading the post got the message that was posted by another member whom has spoken to Gwennie so I advised you all to contact that member. It has also been posted here that Charry has contact with Gwennie and would be glad to pass along anything for you.

    Every site on the internet has rules be it social networking sites or other forums. Every site reserves the right to edit or delete any members post without notification. We go to great links to notify the author of a post that is being edited or deleted. When I figure out the technical problem the post in question will go back to read only, if possible.

    As far as asking where the other members went they moved on not one of them was banned from this site. That type of issue is why we make it clear when we ban someone so when someone moves on in life we don't see post stating just that. Which is exactly what i posted in the last thread. If we didn't notify the members we banned a member then all members whom move on are presumed to have been banned.

    As far as having no rules, we just went through that in March. Several members chose to move a chat out to a social networking site and a argument took over as it was a free for all, with no rules. Oh sure all was good for awhile then bam like any time there is no rules chaos took over. The argument that took over landed back here. Spine-health had to deal with it, when it landed on the door steps. People's feelings got hurt but the only part we could deal with was the actually parts that were done inside this site.

    My point is this site has rules and they will be followed. There is no such thing as freedom of speech and when you signed up for this site and agreed to the rules you agreed to that as well. The rules don't change and to think we would let anyone post whatever they want to post at anytime is just not appropriate. As Cindy said if someone were posting about each one of you the way you have portrayed us we would be right there issuing warnings and editing and deleting post and you would expect nothing less.

    As far as posting medical advice the idea of the site is to post from your experience. Experience is just that something you have gone through. It has always been a policy of this site that we don't interrupt Mri's or any other diagnostic study, if we did we would be allowing medical advice. So for example how many post have you seen asking "please someone tell me what does this mean I don't see my Doctor for two more weeks"? If you answered and said well looks like your headed to surgery, the person gets all worked up in those two weeks, and finally see's the doc and doc says oh it isn't that bad you just need some therapy and your good to go. Now for those two weeks the person has been strung out and doing all the what if's and searching through hoards of information, that in the end, wasn't warranted. But if we just used the disclaimer as was suggested above all should be good, right. Well i am hear to say all of you posting maybe rational and say you would never take internet advice, but it happens all the time. In the same scenario we have members telling them to do exercise and you will be okay. What if the person mistyped and they need surgery and they get injured? Here is another example today a bunch of post showed up with someone telling members the exercise they could do for scolosis. Now I surely took down those post. First off I assume it was a spammer but the freedom of speech should fly spammers have rights? We have younger members who read here as well with scolo and what if one of them tried that stuff? We can't apply selective freedom of speech we follow the rules as they have been written.

    There is no need to go on bashing what has been done. As Cindy said this topic had been gone over and over and for a long time. It wasn't something that was done on a whim it has been a ongoing process. Sense Gwennie never alerted any of you she was having a issue with this I would suggest we all honor her privacy and understand why we can't do as some of the members would like and divulge personal information. She obviously didn't want any of you to know about any of those messages so we will keep with her privacy and not divulge it either.

    As I said it is okay to agree to disagree and discussions are fine but there will be no more attacking here.
  • Jasoncamaro69,

    I too have become more upset, after thinking about this, than I was at the beginning. I also agree that it has become "stuffy" in here. I would disagree that it has only lately become that way. I am relatively new to the site, so it is hard for me to gauge whether it became this way after I joined, or I just did not notice it at first because of my excitement to have somewhere to discuss spinal problems. This banning, people who have been here for a while leaving now with little explanation, and the recent problems in chat(actually less the problems, more the threats made by the moderator) makes me believe that the site is evolving for better or worse. After all, all things must change. I personally have dealt with this by not participating in the discussions or chat anymore. The few friends I have made also have lessened their involvement. Like I said earlier and might not of been clear, I almost feel this is the nature of these sites. I still read the posts, but I have found other ways to deal with and solve problems that I may be having without actively participating in discussions here.

    Last night I did join in chat. I had a good time and was proud that Graham (zo6) joined the group and everyone seemed to be enjoying the break from spinal problems. One of my last post were answered in a pm from an authority from this site suggesting that if we were going to enjoy a conversation between fiends that might not be about spinal issues that we needed to leave the main room. To me last night was great and I believe good for all involved!

    So, although we may not agree with the actions taken against Gwenie17 we are stuck here under the present authorities and moderators. As someone pointed out in the earlier discussions, this site is owned and is for profit. I was told by an employee of the hospital I had my surgery at that they were considering buying this site. Unfortunately Jason, even if you did start a site it would be deleted if you posted the address here. So you could never get all or any of the great people from this site to yours. I am not sure if you have tried, but no other spinal forum seems as large or established as this one. So leaving here, I am afraid, seems sad if you leave all your spiney friend and their knowledge at SH.

    Last point I will make is none of us know what the infraction was that lead up to the banishment of Gwennie17. I believe it cannot be reversed without the moderator and authorities admitting a mistake that would totally undermine the reins of control that keep this site from the supposed edge of chaos. All hail Eris.

    I cannot believe the banning was for dispensing advice that was deemed to be medically authoritative. That is not against the rules of the site. If the last statement confuses you than look at the post on July 15, 2008 - 10:19am by dilauro titled Medical Advice from Members. In that post he says.....
    "As newer folks read replies from other members, it is important to keep that rule in mind. Any information that you get from other people here is Informal Advice , Personal opinions, and information from personal experiences and it is Not formal medical diagnoses or advise."....
    So it is the responsibility of the reader not the poster "any Not formal medical diagnoses or advise." So obviously Gwennie17 violated some other rule that will remain a mystery.

    I am having a hard time with a conversation I had with someone who does not post often, but has been with the site a long time. She told me that she had received a warning that her post sounded to much like medical advise. she kind of opened my eyes to the "stuffy"ness of the site. She also helped me deal with my need to be here and accepted at this site. That is the point where I quit posting and got back to my life. Sure I still read here, after all being stuck at home disabled does make for a long day. So I once again don't know why I am going to post this, or maybe I do. I guess its for the few of you I saw that questioned what had happened and the one or two that suggested it might not be correct and for Jasoncamaro69 who seems to be taking steps that may lead him to where I have been, and I don't know if you will get a PM like I got to tell you the myth of Sisyphus, to remind you that this site is not owned and ran by the people who reside here, and also that sometimes you already know the answers to your questions.

    Like the old folk say back home.....
    c'est la vie ........
  • Perhaps this is actually a blessing in disguise for Miss Gwennie. She spent most of her days and nights on this board trying to assist others with their issues and at this time, perhaps now she can focus in full on her own plight, upcoming surgery and then recovery. I'm sure she is in contact with her closest friends from here and that they can give others of her choice contact info. Perhaps a little break from the constant online world will be able to help her clear her mind and better prepare for the road ahead and her upcoming battle.

    I was given good information and advice by the lady myself in the last year but here's the bottom line. When someone puts themself in a position of giving good quality information online, others who are less knowing begin to take them at their word. New people especially will take what she's saying and run with it because of her knowledge. They will think that if Gwennie says it's so, then it must be. That is a very dangerous line to walk and a slippery slope at best.

    Perhaps a few months time for her to focus on herself is really what was needed and is coming at just the right time. Online forums can become very addictive to certain personalities and can help a person not focus on where they are because they are busy focussing on where everyone else is. I wish her the best that life has to offer and hope that she can see that sometimes when things happen in life and aren't what we wanted, we usually find out on down the road that they were actually what we needed in the long run.

    Take care and I wish you many peaceful years ahead.
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