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June surgeries



  • Hello spiney friends! I know that all of you who had surgery before can relate--wow, the anxiety and anticipation are incredible! Today I go for preop and then Friday is surgery. Not sure how early, but since I'm his only for the day it will probably be an early start.

    Thanks for all your encouragement and prayers! I will update sometime after surgery; hopefully sooner than later.

    Off to begin my straightening out journey,

  • Tomorrow it is your turn!
    I'll be thinking of you and praying for a successful surgery and comfortable recovery.

    I hope that you are able to have a good day today and that you are able to spoil yourself in some way :D

    This is a big surgery, but hopefully once you get under way in your recovery, you will be able to see a better life in the future.

    We will be here, waiting for you when you are able to let us know how it goes. :-)
    You can do this!
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  • It will be my birthday present (i guess) 16th is my b-day. I will be having a Anterior/Posterior fusion with instrumintation on my S-1 to L-5 and L-5 to L-4. I am not very nervious (YET) it will hit me the night before. My doc is giving me an 80% of it working and removing my pain. I have not posted very much here, but this place looks like there is alot of support.

  • I think you will be glad you found us and you will find lots of information here and also some great support from people who know and understand what you are experiencing.

    Good that you aren't feeling nervous. :-)
    Have you taken a look at the list of useful things you might need after sugery? You can find it at the top of the thread on back and neck surgeries. Don't be overwelmed by it! You won't need everything.
    Have you got some things to help you after your surgery yet? A grabber is a must (I had 3 - 1 in the bedroom, 1 in the bathroom and 1 downstairs in the lounge)
    Also, make sure that your home is ready with everything at a height you can reach without having to bend, stretch or reach.

    Ask away if you have any questions. There are lots of us here who have had the same or similar surgeries. :-)
  • AZmikey and texastiger (Becca). You are both having big surgeries today.
    I'll say a prayer for you, that all will go well and that you will wake up with good pain control.

    Once on this side of surgery, you can experience the wonderful relief that it is done, and then start along the recovery journey.

    Let us know when you can, how you are getting on and how it all went. :-)

    We are here to support you through the long recovery. Remember to follow your surgeon's advice and allow your body to rest and heal.

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  • Hi Everyone!

    Although I don't have a definite date yet, I got a call with the results of my lumbar MRI, and my neurosurgeon's office is scheduling me to meet with the doc, and surgery won't be too long after that. Herniated disk L5/S1, severe rt. leg sciatic pain, numb ankle and foot with drop foot. Fourth back surgery is the charm, right?

    I'll post the date when I know....
    Shane in SC
    Lumbar laminectomy 2005
    ACDF 2006
    Thoracic discectomy 2008
    Lumbar discectomy 6/2010 & rods and screws due to reherniation-8/2010
    2/14---new cervical pain with radiculopathy--both arms

  • Sorry that you are having sciatic pain and other problems, but welcome back. (Looks like you have been a member for a long time :-) )

    I see that you had a thoracic discectomy :O
    What level was that on? How did you find it?

    I hope that they will be able to solve your problem.
    I have only had one surgery, and hope that I won't need any more! :D
  • well Im new here, well been lerking around long before I joined this welth of information.

    any way right to the point. I go in for a anterior lumbar fusion on june 21st at L5/S1. had a microdiskectomy (L5/S1) nov. 11th 2009 which just happened to come right after recovery from a ulner nerve transposition at the elbow of my left arm.

    Man all I can say is Im a 34 year self employed (well used to be) guy (2-man construction company) just making ends meet, after this I dont know what I going to do for work.. now I sound like Im having a pitty party. But this has forced me to move back in with my parents (thank god for them). at this point its a good thing I havent had kids yet because I cant even take care of my self..

    Im sooooooo glad I found this place I can relate to all of your sorys, no one in my family can understand what Im going through.

  • Sorry that you are suffering and that you need surgery, but you will be very glad that you found Spine Health. There is a wealth of information here and lots of sympathetic people who know just what you are going through.

    Have you taken a look at the list of useful items when preparing for surgery. It can be found at the top of the back and neck surgery threads.

    Do ask any questions you have. You will find lots of friendly people will be very willing to try and help you. :-)
  • yes I found the info befor I joind and had my micro D back in november, & it was very helpfull. I just want to be lieing on a table rollen into the OR. for that 3hr nap. lol
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