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Herniation after microdiscectomy

ksommerkckksommerkc Posts: 2
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:44 AM in Recovering from Surgery
I am 3 weeks post microdiscectomy of the L5-S1. I have been limiting my bending & twisting as much as possible since my surgery. I am on neurontin three times daily which was started one week ago. I was having considerable improvement in my sciatic pain about 4 days ago. However, the past two days my sciatica pain has started again. I do have occasional numbness as well. It is not constant or as bad as before surgery. I have started to walk more this past week because my surgeon would like me to be walking about 3 miles per day. Could this pain just mean that the tissure is irritated because of the increase in activity or could this mean I reherniated the disc? Could anyone give me advice on symptoms to watch for that would mean that I reherniated the disc? Thanks!


  • Any and all of this is possible. Most likely at 3 weeks post-op what you are feeling is the pain meds they put in your incision wearing off. That's a big hurdle that most of us are not prepared for. You feel pretty good and then hit that setback.

    You are probably also getting some muscles complaining as you use the more. And you can have some pain from the nerves "waking up".

    Has your surgeon said anything about PT? I started about 2 weeks out. What I like about it is you have someone watching you 2-3 times a week. They can answer the questions like "why does this spot hurt".
  • I am so glad to hear what you have said. This is so hard to go through because you aren't sure about things & you want to be so careful as to not have continued problems. It is nice to hear that this all could just be normal.

    The surgeon hasn't said much about PT at all. I am being followed by a sports medicine doctor, however, who said I will start PT at 8 weeks post-op. He said that the nerve was pinched so much for so long that it would be best to wait to do stretches. They just want me to walk right now. I hope that I am doing things right. As of now I am not doing much & trying to avoid bending, twisting & lifting more than the weight of a gallon of milk.
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  • Hey there...keep being careful. Don't feel obligated to walk the 3 miles in 'one shot' as it is actually better to break it up.

    Keep staying mindful of the bending, twisting, lifting. Also limit the sitting to meals. I agree around week 2-3 are risky weeks b/c you start feeling better but you do more and ache more.

    If you have concerns call your doctor.
    I would ask about PT...generally I've heard 6 weeks is the right time to start but each doctor is different.

    Ice after you walk to keep inflammation down, drink water to. If you find you are needing to significantly increase your meds instead of stay the same or decrease, call the doctor.

    If at 6 weeks you still are comfortable with the results, be clear with your doctor and typically by the 3 month mark if you are still not pleased, they will send you for another MRI.

    I'll send you a buddy invite to follow your posts. I'm 4 months out of revision Microdiscectomy.
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