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5 months after surgery - pain back

hj_sparks85hhj_sparks85 Posts: 37
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:44 AM in Lower Back Pain
Hi all,

Had a Micro-D in Jan and was doing ok until recently. I am 24 and work with children in a creche. I have suffered with mostly lower back pain for years prop due to my job but I then started getting numbness and pain in my left leg/bum - The opp didn't stop this, just the back pain.
I now have the pain I had before - my lower back feels so ackey and as if I am about to "snap" and my whole back, up to my neck is stiff and tight.
I have had another week off work and the doc gave me diclofenac to take long term.

I am worried that I have re-herniated but not sure. Any advice would be great - I am soo worried that I am going to loose my job and end up suffering more.



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  • Thanks - I am in the UK - Just called in sick again! Had to take some diazepam last night to relax my muscles.

    Thanks for your advice.
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  • Hi, I am sorry to hear your pain is back again.

    I had a similar thing, the operation went well but pain in my lower back persisted (not the same pain, but certainly enough to cause me restriction in movement etc).

    My op was 2 years ago, I have flair ups of back pain and use the muscle relaxers and diclofenac when that happens. I used to worry that i had reherniated but it is apparently caused by muscles spasming and trying to protect my spine (which in turn causes pain).

    Post op, i have had steroid injections, nerve burn, physio and osteo. Definitely look into some of these as your body may still be trying to protect you from movements that caused the injury the first time.

    Remember I have no idea what I am talking about really, just what the drs are saying to me and how I feel.

    The good news is , chances are you haven't reherniated. Get lots of dr's opinions and don't give up asking for answers. Unless you stay on their case, they won't stay focussed on finding an answer.

    All the very best.

  • Hi,

    I'm sorry to hear that the pain is back and I think all of us here dread the possibility of possibly facing another surgery - recovery for spinal issues isn't the easiest. I would get in touch w/ the doc ASAP, it's may be overuse from bending to care for the kids or possibly 'guarding' (you're so aware of the area you were operated on, you tense up in an attempt to protect youself and the muscles react w/ a pain response). IMHO, a visit w/ the doc and maybe an x-ray can give you a better idea of what is going on. Please keep us posted and hope today is better for you pain-wise.

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