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Circle of life



  • :D :D :D :D

    So happy for you Wrambler! Does this dog know how lucky he is to have found your home?


  • I just recently adopted my second foster dog, just couldn't let him go, we had such a connection. Everytime I thought of surrendering him to a new forever home I cried my eyes out. And I thought of you missing your Chewy. I can't imagine not having my Shy (redtick coonhound) and my Cooper (tan and white beagle).

    Best wishes for a long and happy life together. Thanks for the post, it was a good way to start this cloudy, wet day!
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  • Yeah, they are both cute in their different ways :)
    Luke and Shadow!

    Shadow is pressing my off button, you know, the one that turns off your sanity... He's great, but not quite crate trained, nor house trained. When Luke sleeps out in the room besides the crate all goes pretty well. When my wife does it, she does not get up and help with Shadow at all. I ended up taking Shadow out twice, trying to eat breakfast and leave all at the same time. I was half hour late to work, thankfully no one here noticed much.

    Shadow is a big clumsy clown. He sleeps on his back, falls off the couch at times, or your lap, depends on where he is, just a wiggle or two and thump on the floor he goes. It does not bother him at all. He just finds a new spot and starts all over again!

    I've been so looking forward to my comp time off. I'd got a 4 year backlog of projects and 2 weeks to work on some of them. Followed by what we hope will be a trip to the beach! I have 3 weeks off in row! and I'm not recoverying from some surgery or another! Truly unusual!

    NORM! The puppy may feel wrong to your loss of Grady and you may not feel ready, but being dog people, we adapt quickly to the change. We don't need to forgot those waiting for us on the Rainbow bridge. The best thing for us at times is to find a new friend, knowing that for everyone we take in here there is one less lonely puppy in the world!

    Shadow may be a bought and paid for "designer puppy", but he was in kennels all of his first 15 weeks, so even though we paid for him, cheap by Labradoodle standards. Even though we paid for him you can see the gratefulness in his eyes, though I suspect he would have eventually found a home.

    EDIT: The guy in the office beside mine brought in his dog yesterday, my first day back after a nice 4 day weekend. Guess what kind of dog he has? Well, not a Labradoodle, but a Goldendoodle!
    Every place I turn someone has one or knows someone who does. (I had no idea they were so popular)I also had no real idea as to how expensive they normally are! We basically got Shadow for half price due to his age. Everyone goes for the cute little puppies. Which the guy had 12 off, 10 of which were sold! All while poor Shadow was growing up in a kennel run...
  • I have Puggles............pug and beagle and they are the best!!! I have 2 of them, Sassy and Brandy. I would be lost without them. I also have 3 cats, 3 kids and 1 husband!!! LOL

    My daughter is in the veterinary Academy in high school, we are big animal lovers in this house.

    Enjoy every minute of your beautiful Shawdow. My friend who has the labradoodle says the same thing, very clumsy, big feet that she still has to grow into!!! LOL

  • Shadow is pretty adorable!! I have a Maltipoo named Gus Gus. I love having a dog around he seems to know when I need love. He often hangs out with me when I need a good cry. Thanks for sharing your pics it's nice to see something that makes me smile.
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