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surgury recovery

wish23wwish23 Posts: 1
Approaching this surgury with great excitment afterall it has a 98% sucess rate. I had surgury May 5, 2010 felt great. by the following Tuesday experienced a headache, by Thursday the headache was still there the pain was more intense upon rising. It was having a brain freeze that would not stop unless I was laying down. By Friday May 14 I was back in the hospital having a 2nd surgury. I had spinal fluid leaking. They were able to find the problem which was a small piece of my disc was left in there and snagged my spinal sack. Like a finger nail snagging a pair of panty hose. Happens to 5 out of 100,000 cases. They removed that tiny piece and did what they could to seal the membrain and then it was back to recovery. Did the 2 weeks of rest so the membrain could heal, this is tricky because the fluid does not cugulate like blood does so resting is very important in the healing process. As of June 6th felt fabulous! No pain all was good, however I was still very causious in what I did. No lifting,no extenting my arms over head, just going for short walks. Then June 7th came and all the pain and then some has come back. Pain from my foot to my hip. Spoke with the Dr. and waiting for MRI approval. May have another ruputured disc!. I was told this hapeens in 10% of the cases! I am still positive but really unsure how to approach the next steps. Any ideas out there would be appreciated. thank you for listening!


  • you are having so much trouble. What surgery did you have? Keep us posted as to your progress and welcome to SH.

    Best to you,

  • You surely are not alone in having more problems and surgeries. Doctors tend to be very cautious and do as little as possible. Then sometimes you find you need more. And other times the change in your spine causes new problems.

    It can be very discouraging but you are not alone. I'm in a similar boat. I take heart in knowing what the surgery will be like. I certainly wish I wasn't headed down this path but at least I know what direction I'm going in.
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  • I am sorry to hear that you are going through some rough time. I just want to tell you that you are not alone.

    I hope that you will get another MRI soon, so you can put your mind to rest. Since you have followed your doctor's order, I would think that you did not reherniate your disc. I don't know about "another ruptured disc." Try to stay positive. I know it is hard when you are going through an uncertain period.

    I wish you the best.
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