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Bladder issues +: find it hard to talk about: Sling surgery anyone?

ileneiilene Posts: 139
I know I posted a similar topic in other area, but now realize it was in wrong area and I can't find it. I hope this is the right place for this, and am sorry for posting in wrong area the first time.

I am 55 years old. I am incontinent for urine and stool. In 2001 I had an emergency lumbar decompression L4-S1 because of incontinence, after surgery for 3 months straight cathed. I was left with slight foot drop and a neurogenic bladder, time voiding was better for me then straight cathing, I never thought straight cathing was horrible. The first few times I did it, I cried, I always found it difficult and private. I never went to another urologist till Aug 09. I never told anyone I have stress incontinence, I dealt with it, never wanted to go thru urological tests. After surgery the uro-gynocologist my surgeon called in, was horrible, accused me a lying, he said I could go if I wanted to. I went home with a Foley Catheter, was unable to learn how to straight cath after surgery, was not able to bend because of post surgical pain, he said I was looking for attention, all I did was cry, he said he would give me no sympathy. I never went back to him, and after I was abe to go to the bathroom never went to a urologist, or told a doctor of any problems I have with urine or stools.

In Aug 09 I had ACDF C5-6 because of a myolopathy, my first signs was when I looked down my feet tingled, I thought I noticed changes to my bladder and area, but wasn't sure, I went a urologist, but was so un decisive, that he sent me on my way, saying if I have a problem to come back. I woke up from ACDF unable to move rt foot or leg, both came back slowly.

In Oct 09 I had new pain in arms and legs, and bladder area, called surgeon, went to neurologist, had T spine MRI, have herniated discs, and degenerative changes in all discs. My bladder feeling also changed, was not feeling it well when I went to bathroom. In April I lost all feeling, I went back to urologist, who was going to send me on my way, till I said I really do have a problem. Gave me short test, it showed how I push to urinate, and then push again to maintain flow, I do empty well, no retention. I had a urodynamics with video. I have no contractions to my bladder (no one has told me what this really means), and have spasms to my pelvic floor, along with dysfunction. I was given valium, which helps a lot, but now having a problem with pushing, and more . I went to a uro-gynocologist. He said he can give me surgery (sling), which may leave me having to straight cath, when I asked him my bladder was due to my back and if I had CES, he said he put a ? next to neurological reasons for bladder. I wonder if not from my back, what else can it be from? I will ask him at next visit. I have no feeling when I urinate, and have numbness in the saddle area. My bowels are emergent, even though I am constipated.

Has anyone here had sling surgery for their bladder? Were you able to go normally after? Did anyone have surgery to the bowel area? Did it help?

The uro-gynocologist is sending me to another surgeon who at the same time he does the sling can help my bowel problem, I am not sure if I am going to have both or just the sling.

If anyone had the sling surgery, can you tell me if you were able to go on own, or if you have to straight cath?

Are you happy you had the surgery?

Were you able to feel your stream? Did the surgery help this, the surgeon said it may take pressure off nerves in the area, and I may get some feeling back.

Any other info you can give me will be appreciated.



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  • hi,
    im having this operation on 20thjuly.
    all the points that Tony has asked have crossed my mind also about myself.
    in doing this operation it has also been discussed that in lifting the bladder it will create space for the siatic nerve therfore helping with the leg pain.
    i will keep you posted on my progress.

    LOVE P
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  • Hi, I don't know if bladder is worse from my C surgery, or just a result of my Lumbar or Thoracic spine, I have so much going on it's hard to pin point what is the cause. My original Lumbar surgery was because of incontinence, but after 3 months was ok, except for no feeling of fullness with my bladder (neurogenic bladder), all other areas had 100% feeling.

    As for coping, I am not doing well. I'm past the crying stage, and the "what else can go wrong", and "how am I going to live with this", now I'm trying to deal with it. I find I am most comfortable at home, so I can be near my own bathroom, have taken as many as 8 showers in a day. I was told my bladder has not fallen, that the stess incontinence is from the sphincter, but he isn't sure once it is put in a sling, if I will have to straight cath, or if I will be able to continue how I am now, which is pushing. The neuro-urologist has told me pushing is not good for my insides......I was told after the urodynamics test that my bladder has no contractions, which I have a feeling has been going on for a long time. Since I have not seen a urologist from 01-10, it's hard to blame the changes on the surgery too. I know since C surgery my rt foot drop is worse, and that when I woke up from surgery was not able to move my rt foot or leg, but they were weak prior to surgery, and I had a myolopothy that was affecting my feet,legs, and arms of course. When I told surgeon rt foot weaker now, he said it was just as weak before...I know different, but go prove it! I can't prove anything!

    I'm interested how you do with your "sling" surgery. Was it mentioned to you that there is a possibility of having to straight cath? Was wondering if all are told this, or only me.

    I blame a big part of my situation on me. Was so afraid to add this to my laudry list of medical problems, I just didn't tell any doctor. I know it was wrong, but it's what I did. The urologist who accused me of lying made me feel horrible. I can still see him after my lumbar surgery telling me there was no reason I couldn't go on the toilet, and that he thought I was looking for attention. He wanted me to learn to straight cath before leaving the hospital. I was not able to, I was in so much surgical pain, it was to difficult to learn. He said I was "looking for attention". The regular urologist I used at that time was no better. After the urodynamics test they gave me, I cried for hours. I was humiliated. I never wanted to see a urologist again. I have to say the urologist I am seeing now is so nice, he makes me feel as comfortable as any urologist can make me feel.

  • hi ilene,
    well today is day two after surgery and all is well.
    i stayed in hospital overnight and already feel the benefit from the surgery.
    i was told about the risk of self cath i think its just a procedure they have to warn us off.
    im taking it easy for a while as i know i have to get myself back on track to a full recovery because people are deppendant on me i suppose that thats the way life goes.

    take care ilene and i hope this info is of some use to you.

    LOVE P
  • Good to hear that the surgery went well and you are already feeling better. Thanks for having the strength to discuss this openly so the rest of us can learn right along with you. I wish you well.

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  • I am so glad the surgery went well for you!!! I'm scedueled for Sept 21. Do you know which Sling procedure was done, TOT or I know connects infront of the pelvic bone and the other behind, from what was explained to me they both have benifits, and then of course they both have the negitives, and it will be discussed later which is right for me. I was interested to here they kept you over night, from what I was told today mine will be day surgery, which doens't sound right to me, I prefer spending a night. I was also told I will be sent home with a catheter for aprox a week, and then will see if I can go on my own, or will have to st cath. When did they let you go to the bathroom on your own? Were you sent home with a cath? Going home the same day scares me a lot, and is something I plan on talking to this doctor about, and is the reason I did sceduel till Sept. 21, so that I can see another doctor for another opinion.

    Thanks so much for letting me know how you are doing, I am so happy you are doing well!!!

  • Hi Ilene..Im 42 and have had bladder sling surgery around 3 years ago and havnt looked back since..I also have a sacral nerve stimulator implanted to assit with frequency and the pain that was associated with my bladder.

    My actual bladder problems started before any spinal surgery that was done..

    Feel free to ask me anything you wish.

    Take care
  • Thanks for your answer. I have also had Lumbar and cervical surgery, and am wondering if your CES started after lumbar or cervical. I'm looking for answers as to why mine seems to have started after cervical surgery.

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