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Stiff Butt

jasrojjasro Posts: 223
I sustained a rather mild cervical trauma with severe results that I'm trying to understand (until I can see Doc).

After ten minutes of walking my inner-most buttock muscles become extremely stiff and painful to the degree that I'm literally unable to pick up/ lift one (or the other) of my feet off the ground. My leg muscles just give out or something. It takes about an hour to recover enough to walk again...but I'm left with the extreme stiffness and pain. Walking creates this flare up that lasts for days.

During the flare, I'm not capable of walking another ten minutes therefore I don't get to the point of being unable to lift my foot off the ground but the pain & stiffness is an agony that Vicodin (2) 5/500 and Fentenayl (25 mg) doesn't touch. I've complained on the phone to my doc that the meds are strong enough (without yet giving description why/how) and they've freaked on the phone. I understand why. I was just put on Fentenayl and I know it's a seriously strong narcotic...which is why I don't understand my level of pain!!

The buttock pain feels like my cheeks were sliced open with a knife and walking is pulling at bloody sutures. It's the only pain that I have that I can actually define that WELL. (Can't define nerve pain no matter how hard I try.)

It's not sciatica - I've had that before. This runs from buttocks down backs of thighs.

Hoping someone can enlighten me.



  • I'm sorry you're having a flare up now. I have similar knife like pain and stiffness more before I had some facet joint and other injections like a hip and butt nerve blocks and also before I started taking pain meds.

    I don't know what med you took before the Fentanyl but perhaps you need to see your PM Dr. to get your meds adjusted. I also take a muscle relaxant as well as a sleeping pill which I swear helps my muscles relax and have less pain. I take Oxazepam, cousin of Valium and think it helps the stiffness. Hope you're feeling better soon. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • the only "pain in the butt" syndrome i can think that might even closely resemble this is piriformis syndrome:

    you might read over that and see if it matches what you are experiencing and then ask your doctor about it...

    hopefully you'll get into the doctor soon. i use heat when my muscles get all cramped up, but if you're having burning pain that might not feel so good.
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  • Charry ~ I haven't recognized this as a flare-up so thank you for the thoughtful possibility. It's gone as far as concerned me that I have some kind of muscular dystrophy because walking is horribly difficult. Sharing your medications with me helped me rattle off in my head what's working for you vs what I'm taking. I'm on Zanaflex too for spasticy so I'm guessing I'm well covered with what can (or can't) be done medically. Thanks for sharing so much...I'm calmer now. I see your name a lot on this forum - you give a lot to it. You just did the same for me. You exhaust yourself...helping people. Amazing (grace).

    LaLa - I believe THAT'S IT!!! I can't diagnose myself but wow...I'm going to proceed as though it's piriformus until I see Doc. Thank you so much. Those stretches can't possibly hurt me...I've been doing things so close to them out of natural "need". I have something to bite on for the weekend proactively DO something to help myself!!! Thank you!!!! I owe you one.

    I owe you both one.

  • I think the stretching can relieve some pain. I still do stretching for my mild sciatica.

    When I was given strong pain meds like fentanyl patches, morphine, or dermerol (sp?), the pain did not decrease. The only med that helped was vicodin even though it is less strong. Your pain doctor should be able to help you find the best med suitable for you.

    I hope you can see a doctor very soon. When I had a bulging disc at L5S1, I went to see a chiro. And he treated my problem based on my symptoms and ignored my MRI which clearly indicated a bulging disc. He said I had piriformis syndrome. The treatment was very painful; it was like deep tissue massage with stretching. Obviously the treatment didn't address help the bulging disc issue. I also experienced excruciating pain in my buttocks.

    Good luck!
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