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Post Surgery Tingling and sciatica

Eric.SEEric.S Posts: 220
Hey all, I had a ALIF on my L5-S1, everything was going great as far as healing was back at work, none of these symptoms except some leg pain. Then after 3 months my work had a fire drill, I walked down a bunch of stairs(my fault and works), since then my life has been he-ll. I have back pain again, and tingling in my feet and back of my legs that radiates from my back. My Doctor thinks I just did it too soon and it will calm down, its been over 2 months, and its actually getting worse. :s

I have seen pictures of my x-ray and they said the fusion is looking good, but the hardware has not moved, I think something did move. So their going to do a cat scan to see if there is something as far, non-union or if anything that could be causing all this.

I have been icing, heat, they gave me a triggerpoint injection, tried Neurotin and hated it, tried Lyrica, hated it more. But have been in so much pain from the tingling and all. I'm probably going to try the neurontin again.

They are going probably try me on cymbalta, I just don't like the gaba drugs,

I think the hardware moved and is pinching something, and since its fused, will be asking my doctor if he would consdider removing the hardware. The plate and 4 pins.

Ever since walking down those stiars has changed my life. I wish this would calm down but the way its looking its not. :(


  • Eric, sorry to hear your having problems. Let me know what the doc says after your CT scan.

    I've been having almost the same exact problems the past month so I'd be curious to know what your doctor thinks.

    Weird, we had almost the same surgery 3 days apart, went back to work almost at the same time, and seem to be having the same problems now.
  • Hi Eric,

    Sorry to read your having problems. I had a an ALIF on L5-S1 in 2008 so I know what your going through. If you only had the surgery 5 months ago, it's way to early for the bone to have fused you, that can take 12 months or even longer. I think that it would be highly unlikely that the plates and screws would be causing your nerve irritation considering they are placed at the front, so away from any nerve root outlets etc (unless they were to long & came out the other side?).
    Are you getting the pain in both legs ?? It does sound like something is irritating you sciatic nerve.
    Could it have residual scarring from previous surgeries like Discectomies etc? Maybe you could try a CT guided nerve root block injection to see if that gives you relief. I hope the discs above your ALIF are still intact and aren't the cause of your pain.
    Good luck with your CT, I hope it reveals whats causing your pain and that it can be sorted quickly.
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  • I had a bi-level PLIF on June 22 on my L4-S1. I woke up with a numb right leg and buttock. I just had an EMG today. My right side was never the problem before surgery, but now it's where I get my sciatica. I have been told that I need to wait it out, since I'm only 7 weeks post-surgery. I don't do Lyrica or Neurotin, either-makes me way too foggy.

    Hopefully your doc will do the CAT scan and you will get your answer. I have discovered in this long journey that your instincts are your friend-always listen to them.

    Hang in there!

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