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Do you have info on L4-L5 lumbar discectomy?

jennifer97jjennifer97 Posts: 1
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:45 AM in Lower Back Pain
I'm scheduled to have a herniated disc "trimmed" later this month and I'm trying to find out what my long term prognosis might be. I have severe leg pain, have been on a serious round of anti-inflammatories and no pain relief. dr. thinks I am too inflamed for PT and honestly I can hardly sit, stand or lie in one position for very long without breaking down in tears from the pain. I am on pain meds to help with the pain.

Has anybody had this procedure done? Did you get any pain relief after the surgery? What can I expect long term? I know I have other back issues...doc wasn't specific at this time and felt confident that I could control with PT. I was in too much pain to sit around and ask more questions.

I am scheduled for decompression therapy next week to see if that relieves the pain and also an injection.

I'd love to hear from anybody who had this procedure done and how you are feeling now. My whole family is scared for me to have this surgery "so young". I am 36.

Thanks for any information you can provide. And honestly it scares me that there is a forum for back pain. This is the worst pain I have ever felt.


  • Welcome to Spine-Health. You can find a lot of information on your procedure by putting it in the search box at the very top of the page. There are a lot of articles and videos that pertain to your condition. The forums are also a great place to get support and experiences.

    I haven't had a decompression, but I had a TLIF in January. All my previous symptoms are gone, although I still experience some lower back pain, but not so debilitating that I can't go for walks or do most things. I also did PT where they taught me how to play golf again without hurting the rods and screws in my lumbar spine.

    I know that you're going through is scary, but most have successful surgery and find the extreme symptoms gone almost immediately after surgery. Less so for lumbar as it takes more time to heal than cervical surgery, but I'm hoping you'll be very pleasantly surprised.

    Good luck on the decompression therapy, but if it comes down to surgery, we'll be here to support you.

    Take care and please keep us posted.
  • had herniated disk about 3 years, level L3-l4,bulging disk L4-l5,simptoms-pain,radiated in both legs,numbness when i sleeping not properly,tingling and more and more..Recently i got from my friend some gift-karipain gel and balm.This is concetrate from papaya which girectly reduce bulging disk. I red about this products on site Who can explain me more how it's working in my body? I'm very surprised,because my MRI don't shown some herniated disk yet? If need i can include my photo MRI here.Two different image.
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  • Hi Jennifer97

    I had a herniated disc trimmed in March (microdiscectomy L5-S1.)The disc prolapsed the previous November.

    Outcomes are different for each person. Microdiscectomy has a 90% success rate (so I am told and have read). My pain relief was instant, walking 2 hours after surgery, walking 2 miles after day 2, 5 miles daily after day 4 or 5. No pain, no meds, just some residual aching / tingling in the foot and ankle. Now 18 weeks on, everything back to normal. Need to stregthen core muscles regularly, and do things differently from now on.

    Most of the posts on this website appear to me to be the 10%, I think I am in the 90%, so you could be too.

    Fingers crossed!

  • Hi Jennifer! My first surgery was a discectomy and I had very much the same symptoms as you stated above. I had wonderful results immediately after surgery. I was also up and walking 2 hours after the surgery. I was in tears because the leg pain I had before surgery was noticeably gone.

    It's a very big decision to make and as with everything you'll have to weigh the pros and cons. That was just my experience. I'd tried every non-surgical treatment prior to the surgery.

    Good luck to you in whatever you choose :)
    This is a wonderful place to find support and information. Best of luck to you on your spinal journey ;)
  • I had it done in jan of 2000 and recovered quickly. I was for the most part pain free until dec 2008 when it ruptured again. thinking about having it done again just because it worked so well the first time.
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