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My fat/weight is killing me, so I'm on the South Beach Diet;. anyone wanna join me?

blackberrybunnybblackberrybunny Posts: 157
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:45 AM in Lower Back Pain
Hello all,

I am a 5'4" 41 year old woman, with no life anymore since I've torn open these 2 dics and now am facing a MLSF. ;( I hurt myself 15 months ago and have put on about 50 lbs since then. This extra weight is killing me, the pain is so bad that now I am on stronger narcotics than ever. :(

I am also legally blind and cannot drive, so I'm stuck way out here in the country all day, all alone, no one to help me until my husband gets home from work in the afternoon. I'm on my own, and can't get to the store, anywhere.... so we do grocery shopping on the weekends.

Three years ago, I reached the most I ever weighed in my life, 227 lbs. I went to my dr. desperate and I told him I can't drive and I HATE to exercise, and he told me, "Molly, honey, you won't lose weight exercising--it's all about what you eat. Check out the South Beach Diet." So I did.

Now I'm not saying you shouldn't exercise, so please, if that is your thing, then extra good for you! IF you are able to exercise, you are blessed. I am no longer able to hardly get up or down the steps. SO, 3 years ago, I did the SBD and in only six months I was down to 165! I easily dropped about 67 lbs in 6 months without ever once exercising. Heck, I was so lazy, and it's so hot here in FL that I didn't even attempt to walk for exercise. And the fat melted off of me! I sat right here in front of my PC like always, and withered away, hahaha! It was great! I was able to keep MOST of the weight off until I hurt myself 15 months ago. Now I started my south beach diet yesterday at 211.2 lbs. Today, I weight 209.6. Water loss.

Anyone wanna be my 'diet-buddy?' Maybe YOU need to lose some weight too? You know that extra pound you are carrying around is really putting 4 lbs of pressure on your knees, right? PLUS the pain on your spine. Isn't that what most of us are here for anyways? Spine problems? Do you think that tire around your belly is easing your back pain, or increasing it? HMMMMMM

So how about it? Who wants to go along with me? We can encourage each other. I've got a great SBD forum I am a member of, and w/o them and their help, advice, encouragement, and love, I could never have done this, as I have no support around me, other than my husband and my mom. Imagine.... that's not much support, is it?

So come on, come on! Wouldn't it be great to lose some weight and be less pain free? Even a few pounds might make a difference for you!

These first two weeks of the SBD, called Phase 1, I will lost approx. 10 lbs or so. (Last time I lost 13). The fatter you are, the more you'll drop right away, it is amazing! It is not a low carb diet, but it's pretty close. You CAN do it! I have already lost one pound overnight. I know it's just water for now, but I've done this before, and believe me, it's a healthy way of eating and with some help and encouragement and willpower you can do this with me!!

Anyone in?? It doesn't have to be the south beach diet---ANY diet will do---- I just would love to see some weight loss for myself and for others as it can only help. Plus, my bp has been so high for the past 15 months too, that I'd LOVE to be able to quit taking these 2 different bp meds I have to take twice a day! >:( I am NOT happy with myself, and am scared for my health now, and I'm finally ANGRY enough to do something about it.

What made me snap was the other night when I was so close to being suicidal; a thought occurred to me: I may NOT be able to control the pain my bad discs are causing me, but dammit, I CAN control what foods I put into this body! I CAN lose this weight like I did before and I CAN have control of my life in this way. It is better than no control!

And that brought me the internal strength I needed to dig out of myself to snap and find that bit of wisdom that has made me decide it's time to get back some control over my life before I decide to snuff it out!


  • I lost 45 lbs last year but seem to be stuck right now. I still have more to lose. Will post if it budges. TC.Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
  • Charry, that's awesome!! That is a LOT of weight. My doctor told me that human fat resembles the consistency of butter, so imagine that one pound of fat is like losing 4 sticks of butter. When I think of it that way, it really encourages me.

    Are you on the SBD? When I stalled in my weight loss, I was supposed to at that point start working out with weights, to build muscle. That is the key, to make more muscle, because muscle uses more energy/fat than aerobic exercise. I just never got around to it, and then I hurt myself....
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  • Hey there,

    I'm 2 surgeries since last August.
    I put on a good 10-15 pounds over that time and not pleased with it.

    My leg and back are starting to flare up for pain and I'm thinking the extra weight isn't helping and I know diet is key.

    I was doing modified Atkins for a few weeks and was just feeling mentally better but then when my pain started increasing I got lazy.

    So, Yes, I will come on here and keep an eye out for you. I'm going back on my modified Lower Carb diet (when I do this, I eat better and tend to eat more veggies).

    I'll stop in a couple of times a week.
    Do we do a challenge or just share and be honest about what's working and what's not?

  • I'm trying the acai berry cleanze and fat burner. First time for this one but I figure it can't hurt. I usually like Atkins but since I found out about the gallbladder problem I have to watch the fats which is totally opposite of Atkins.

    What I was wondering is if anyone knows of anything to watch while dieting. I was wondering if there is any interation or concern when you are on the neurodrugs and even the narc drugs? I'm sure if you are lucky enough to lose alot of weight the docs would want to adjust your dosage down but is there anything you shouldnt take or do?
  • blackberrybunny and DNice, i went from being over 200# to 120#. i have kept that weight off for many years but right now i am up about 8 pounds and would love to take it off.. the main thing i noticed about my meds was that when i lost that much weight i did not need as many drugs. my system was "lighter" in a way! so i have been able to cut down on my meds and i also have less pain bcause of the weight loss. so i am in and will also check in a couple of times a week for support or to give anyone else support!!! let's lose some weight together!! Jenny :)
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  • Welcome to the team! You had amazing weight loss and should feel proud. Also, what a wonderful thing to know just 8 pounds in that it's never too soon to refocus on healthy living.

    Yes, Atkins you have to be careful not to eat too much fat. I do pretty good at limiting red-meat intake. I do fish, egg whites, chicken, salad (I do ues dressing with fats but try for low-fat), and veggies.

    I guess I do atkins b/c my biggest nemesis is pasta and bread. I don't care for rice or anything like that but pasta is my weakness b/c it's easy and tasty.

    I am also glad to hear than when your weight is down, you need less meds.

    I'm just waiting for the peak sun hours to go past so I can go for a walk out doors today. I get up with my pup for an early walk but it's a shorter one.

    I'm trying to drink my 8 big glasses of water per day. I've also restarted my multi-vitamins and Os-cal.
  • Carbs are my big problem. I have triglicerides over 1,600 which is unheard of. But I have been like this all my life and my cardiologist says I check out fine. WHich makes me think that medicine is a guideline with many exceptions.

    Since I don't like the cholesterol lowering drugs my only alternative is to eliminate the carbs which means bread, pasta, potatoes. While you can do this it is a huge amount of work. What I found a few years back was a OTC called Carb-buster. You take it before you eat carbs and it somehow doesnt let it digest I guess. All I know is it worked and it let me eat the same foods as my family especially at dinner.

    So far day 1 on the Acai berry stuff is going pretty good. I actually don't feel hungry and my stomach isn't upset from the cleanse part.
  • Today is day 2 on this Acai diet. Lost 4-5 lbs so far but we all know thats the easy lbs.
  • Hi DNice, Hi all,

    I was doing great until yesterday when I broke down and ate a sandwhich. The bread did me in. And 2 apples. (Hey, at least they were apples, haha!) So now my cravings have shot up and I'm so frustrated; only lost like 3#, IF that. So hard to tell. When I did the south beach diet before, the weight just fell off of me. This time, it's a struggle. I'm going to try to jerk myself back on the wagon and do right; the problem is running out of supplies. I can't drive, so I have to shop all at once, so when I run out of things, it's like panic sets in.

    And the meds I'm on make me sick and ill to my stomach, so it's hard to stand there and try to COOK something healthy to eat, when it is much quicker, and less pain free, to grab a frozen burrito or a sandwhich. I've been REALLY GOOD and have cut out all the sweets though--- so proud about that, at least.

    How is everybody else doing? My pain level has been higher these past 2 weeks, and I don't know why. I'm on stronger meds now, but the pain is worse. Not sure what to do. It's a struggle, between the pain, and the depression, and the only thing I want to do is dive into a chocolate cake!
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