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Hello everyone...New here!



  • So sorry that you feel as if we are saying you are skipping steps. That is not the case and I apologize if you feel that's the case. With folks new to this world of spine issues and the hurry up and wait machine, we tend to go overboard in our attempts to help out in the only way we can. Like a big sister trying to tell her kid sister to avoid certain pitfalls, sometimes it seems as if the over protective big sister is being a nag, or constantly telling her she isn't doing things the right way. OOPS, sorry, we're just trying to give you an idea of how vitally important coordination is and not jumping the gun or having a false start.

    Mea Culpa

  • I think the concern came from this statement in your initial post -- "I was told that the next step will be an MRI and a referral to pain management."

    Also what you describe as your treatment so far seemed to be all over the place. An xray and some PT and the some Chiro. What we were trying to explain was the common steps in diagnosing and treating back problems. Pain management is much further down the road and you scared us when you said this was the next step according to your PCP.

    I'll go out on a limb here that will probably get me in trouble. Since your PCP is so busy is there any chance that they will just give you the referal to an orthopedist or neurologist? I say this because you are about to go back to school so wasting a month waiting to go to your PCP who is just going to refer you to another doctor anyway seems like a waste of time and a waste of an office visit.

    We all mean well here. But sometimes we misinterpret what is said and sometimes we get sidetracked in our own stories. Please don't get upset when this happens. Just give us an e-smack and get us back on track.
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  • Insurance companies and medical practices rely on standard operating procedures. When we try to circumvent these, we run the risk of creating an even bigger mess. I think one of the most difficult things about being a spine patient, is having to learn to practice patience when you least feel like it.

  • I also want to apologize for making you think that we think you're trying to skip steps.

    I just want to second what "C" said in her first response to you - we are all just wanting you to get the best care and can sometimes go overboard trying to help someone new to the spiney world.

    You're doing fine and yes, we do sometimes need e-slaps to put us back on track.

    Keep up the good work on being your own advocate and again, we're just being big sisters and brothers here, that's all. We just want what's best for you and are trying to help the best we can.

  • Just wanted to apologize if I came across as bitchy.

    I emailed my PCP's nurse and this is what I found out. They think it's totally reasonable to get an MRI at this point. She did say that I will probably have to get the MRI done before they refer me to Spine Clinic, but it is not an unreasonable request. She is also going to try and get me seen sooner.
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  • That's great news. Can they give your the script so you can get the MRI before your appt? If they agree that you need it then why waste the appt by going in without the test results? It's kind of like when they have you get blood work before the office visit.

    No matter what you are heading in the right direction. That's the important thing. As far as bitchy, we all go there some times. I think we were all afraid of scaring you away since you are new here. The info you can get here is awesome. I would feel terrible if I thought something I wrote was turning someone off.
  • So glad to hear things are going in the right direction for you :)

    As far as the bitchiness is concerned, if I had to apologize for everytime that I am, I'd be hoarse!

    Good luck to you in your spinal journey...
  • Hey everyone, just thought I would give you all an update.

    The MRI has been scheduled for Sept. 13. A little far out, but at least it will be getting done. My doctor also ordered some labs, a CRP and a HLA-B27 test to check for ankylosing spondylitis. Apparently, my symptoms are textbook for the disease.

    So, we'll see and I will keep you all posted...
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