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Scar swelling and pain 10 months post fusion - paranoia!



  • Well, I think I might have an infection after all :(

    My scar has swollen on the outside (right on top of where it was swollen inside) and it has formed a sort of blister. It is red, hot and I can't bear for anything to touch it. The pain extends out to the right side of the scar too. Driving is agony - everytime I have to move my feet it catches.

    I showed it to the school nurse today and she thinks it is some sort of infection. Now I have to go and see the GP again tomorrow.

    I am soooooo fed up right now. If it is an infection and the surgeon didn't catch it when he had the chance two weeks ago I will be really mad! Of course I am now back at work so getting to appointments etc becomes really hard work.

    So here's hoping it is a stitch abcesss and not a problem with the hardware.

  • If it may be infection and good you're getting seen right away. Best wishes and prayer for your healing and keep us posted what the Dr. says. Take care. Charry
    DDD of lumbar spine with sciatica to left hip,leg and foot. L4-L5 posterior disc bulge with prominent facets, L5-S1 prominent facets with a posterior osteocartilaginous bar. Mild bilateral foraminal narrowing c-spine c4-c7 RN
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  • and I hope that things will be able to be sorted quickly now, if there is an infection.

    I can totally understand your frustration at not picking up the problem two weeks ago. I suppose as so many spinal patients suffer so many different pains after surgery that are just part of the normal healing and recovery, it is easy for a doctor to miss something unless it is obvious what the problem is.

    I got on quite well today. I was very achey when I got home and had to lie down, but I made it! <:P <br />
    It felt good to be back and be useful. :D
  • Hey Jelly - glad to hear you got on OK. I really wish I could have taken 6 months rather than 11 weeks!!! Jealous!

    I do have an infection, GP says go back to surgeon but has given me antibiotics to be going on with. It might just be a stitch abscess - he thinks I would be in loads of pain if hardware infected. But he advised me not to do exercise etc incase I drive the infection to the hardware. He does think I might need more surgery to clear it out though. :(

    I cried in the car on my way home. Now got to go and teach. Clothes really hurt on the blister/scar so I am not looking forward to wearing work clothes.

  • What you need is the equivalent of a corn plaster of the correct size to put around the sore area to protect it from being touched/rubbed. ;)
    Could you think of a way to arrange that?

    Oh nel, the thought of possibly needing further surgery must be awful. :''( However, if that is the way to deal with this problem, and it would move you towards a solution, then it would be worth it. I would imagine that it would be far less invasive than your original surgery. I can understand that you needed to cry on the way home. >:D<

    Let's hope that the antibiotics will do the trick and nothing more will be needed.

    Hope that you have a fairly comfortable day and get lots of support from your colleagues and the children. >:D<

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  • The idea of a corn plaster is a good one but the swelling is growing (hope the anti biotics will stop that) and the skin all around is really sore. Not sure what to do. I might see if I can fashion something - bit like Blue Peter!

    I nearly went through the roof trying to put my school trousers on. The wasit band is at the wrong height on everything. I am having to wear a skirt pulled up above my waist (like how you did when you were younger to make it shorter!!).

    As for support from colleagues! LOL! They haven't got a clue. But never mind.

  • Hi nel,

    I always wanted to be a Blue Peter presenter!!
    Have you got one you made earlier? :))(
    Be inventive 8>

    You did make me laugh! Brought back memories or rolling our skirts up at school. Watch out! You'll get told off! :S

    I hope that someone will notice how you are struggling and at least give you an encouraging word. >:D<

    Hope it isn't too long before you get some help and start to feel better.

  • Thanks Jelly, How did you get on today? Are you coping with it all?

    I heard from the surgeon at 5.25! He has decided that I have to have a blood test to check IF there is an infection and I have to have it tomorrow! Nothing like giving me time to organise it eh? So I have grovelled at the GP and they have squeezed me in for tomorrow morning. But that means I will be late for school so have had to sort out cover work and I was supposed to be doing practical grrrrr.

    I will be seeing the surgeon next Thursday when I hope he will have decided on some course of action.

    TBH at the moment the actual pain from the swelling when I touch anything is the worst thing. I am getting loads of aches around my back from trying not to let my car seat touch it, or anything else for that matter.

    I did talk to the School nurse and she is hopeful that it might be something they can sort under local anaesthetic rather than needing a whole surgery so fingers crossed. Apparantly we can "spit" internal stitches for some time and maybe that will be all it is. Knowing my luck though.....

    Look forward to seeing you on BBC1 at 5pm Jelly!!

  • I had a good day at the school. The new teacher that I am supporting is lovely. She is great fun and very appreciate as well as very supportive about my limitations. :D

    However, I am finding that it doesn't take much at all to cause pain. In fact I am surprised at how much I am feeling my back. :S
    I had thought that I would manage better than I was before surgery, but I seem to be more limited in my movements.
    Hopefully things will improve soon.

    One good thing is that the exercises and technique that my physio gave me to open the very heavy fire doors, does work. :)))

    I'll think of you tomorrow when you have your blood test, and next Thursday when you see the surgeon.
    I'll be watching out to hear how you get on. :D

  • I found the same thing when I went back to work. It does take it out of you, in a different way, but still it does. For the first half a term pretty much all I could manage was my bit of swimming, work then rest. Take it easy and listen to your body (I know - easier said than done). Only one more getting up day to the weekend! ;)
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