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Scar swelling and pain 10 months post fusion - paranoia!



  • Hey friend! I am so sorry that you are having troubles! Please don't feel like you are venting/moaning! That is what we are here for!

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you are able to go on your holiday! It is just what you need!

    I have had an MRI since my fusion. I herniated L3-4 2 months after my fusion. At my 3 month follow up I mentioned it and was sent for an immediate MRI w/without contrast. I was nervous, but it was fine.

    Wishing you the very best! Please stay in touch and let us know how things go! cyper hug! Shari
  • Thanks again Guys. I know the MRI fear is irrational. What is the contrast stuff? Do they inject you with dye or something??

    I did tell the surgeon about this holiday but he is so blase about all this, he just thinks it will all be ok. Me, I am not so sure anymore.

    Today I actually feel a bit ill too. I have been tired for months but you put that down to pain/sleep etc but now I feel a bit sick and cold and feeble.

    Ah well will update you when I know more!! The saga continues..... :)
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  • So,
    The MRI shows a little infection about 14mm below the skin and nowhere near the hardware (phew!!). I am currently on antibiotics from the GP and they will end on thursday. The surgeon says (again) that this should see it off. If not he will go back in and clean it out. He said that if it comes back I must leave it to start leaking again but I complained and said that that would ruin my holiday so he said I could have some spare antibiotics to take with me in case. He wants me to leave it to get leaky so that he can culture it.
    I am glad that I get to have my holiday and really hope that this time it won't come back. I can't help not feeling very optimistic though. I still don't really believe that it will all be ok now. I guess time will tell.
  • ...I had been wondering how you were getting on.

    At least you will be able to have your holiday. :-)
    Try to forget about your infection, take the antibiotics and enjoy your holiday. You really deserve it.

    Then when you get home again, you can see what needs to happen next. But first, enjoy your holiday. :D

  • Thanks Jelly! I certainly am going to enjoy this holiday, I really need it! I have just ordered 7 bubble bars from lush, one for each night of the holiday. I love a good bubble bath as part of my pampering! ;)
    I am just looking forward to a week by the sea with the dogs running on the beach and cornish pasty for tea! Oh and the ice cream, cream tea, fish and chips.....
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