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New to forum looking for advice on extreme pain

louskrllouskr Posts: 3
edited 06/11/2012 - 8:46 AM in Chronic Pain
Hi, I am new to this forum however not new to chronic back pain. Since April of this year my pain as gotten worse and worse. It is constant in my low back and now a burning sensation that travels down my tail bone. My right hip now hurts constantly and so does my right leg all the down to the right foot. I cannot stand for longer than 30 min nor sit for that long. I am at my wits end with this. The pain pills are no longer working and I am not sleeping at all at night as I wake up almost screaming in pain. I had a MRI done which showed a buldging disc at L5 and Disc degeneration in the other lumbar disc L1 to L4. Seen a Spine specialist yesterday and he said I didnt need surgery and did not know why I was having the pain in my hip or leg. So I have to have a nerve study done. Anybody else have this sort of pain, if so any advice on what I can do to make it easier to deal with? I am up for any advice. Thanks You


  • .and welcome to SH :H I certainly know the type of pain you're dealing with and also how miserable it feels. Have you had an MRI done of your lumbar spine already? Sometimes they don't show the real problem and so the doctor might order other testing like a nerve conduction study, discogram, or ct myelogram. You can look these up on the Search box for more details. Hopefully the nerve study will show the cause of the radiating burning pain all the way down your foot. Is there any numbness or tingling? Do you get muscle spasms in your lower back or leg? If so, maybe a muscle relaxer prescribed by your doctor will come in handy. Well, I hope you feel better soon and please keep us updated. Take care
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  • The nerve study might shed some light. But truthfully, always go with doctors who start with "how can I help you," and not "you don't need surgery."

    Not sure why that bugs me so much, but it's really frustrating hearing what they can't do for you before hearing what they can. Maybe they think it's reassuring, but for many of us it's kind of like a closed door.

    I have had the best luck with a board certified pain specialist in addition to my surgical/orthopedic/neuro specialists. He was the first one to say "OK, let's help you with this pain." Because truthfully, they can't fix everything with surgery (which is why there are so many on this board). Pain persists in spite of orthopedic specialists best efforts, but there are people out there to help.

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  • Also, have you tried sleeping with pillows propping your hip into the most comfortable position so that you don't move? I really prefer wedge pillows for some things.

    And heating pads are your best friend.

    Good luck. Any updates?
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  • I use a rolled up towel right at the base of my spine when I sit down on the recliner to help my lower back. A foam roller can do wonders for your spasm'ed hip if its all knotted up and stuff, though it won't get rid of the pain. Ben Gay does nothing and makes me feel like less of a man. Ice, heat, and extreme entertainment (skydiving) shouldn't be overlooked. When I'm really bad I always hop in a hot bath, epsom salts, maybe a little paprika. Amazing how it calms down your whole nervous system and helps a lot with stress and therefore pain. Trazadone gets me to sleep everynight, and then some. Might I suggest pursuing a healthy regimen of heavy narcotics? Norco is SO team edward. Plus, you've really got to work on not attracting negative thoughts and just pretend that burning sensation is really a freezing cold sensation and then apply ben gay. I've also heard of this new minimally invasive operation covered for all prexisting walking dead by Obamacare that can fuse your L1-5's into one K reinforced by adamantium that only has to be ajusted bi-monthly by a certified con-fessional who has taken a weekend seminar on astral orthogonal-y. Good luck
  • :H Hi Lou and welcome to the site..I have found it to be a neverending source of support/info..

    I fully agree with Straker, in these times you should not be in constant pain and maybe seek another Dr.

    I have a great relationship with all my Specialists and my normal Gp as they are understanding and try to help me try to keep pain to a minimum..Something that is very rare in the medical profession these days..

  • Hi Lou and I too welcome you to the forum. I am so sorry to read of your painful issues. They sound alot like some of the pain I am having. Wish I could help you but all I can say is I will keep you in my prayers and I agree 100% with Straker. Get to a different dr. Something is causing this and you should not have to live in that much pain.
  • Thanks for all the information and advice. I have 2 new doctor appointments scheduled for this month. One with a neurologist and another with a neurosurgeon. The nurses I talked to on the phone at both offices said the doctors will help me. So there maybe a little light in the tunnel after all. I have tried sleeping with pillows so that I dont move around at night and it has helped with the sleep some. So taht is a little better. And was having some rather not so painfull days, around a 5 or 6 then this morning I got up in a whole lot of pain. So it has been a day of TENS unit on all the time and moist heat. Still not help. Wow days like this make me want to pull my hair out. Thanks again and I will let you all know how those appointments go. Also trying to get into a PM office almost 2 hour drive form my house. AS I live out in the woods. LOL thanks
  • Hey try a body pillow too, I use one between my legs cause I sleep on my side and I can't live without it.
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