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October 2010 Surgery



  • the 13th of October, Australian time..

    FOR SCOTT>>> That really sux..I know how you feel as it happened to me this year when they did the last fusion..It was booked for the 13th of March and then they changed it to April..
    I was stress as Id worked myself into accepting the surgery was going to happen and then the DREADED phonecall from the Drs office.

    Take care
  • I read these and then went out to a beautiful fall day to share a cup of tea with my husband . He had a 4/5 lumbar fusion at the end of June and I watched him puttering away in his garage. He is very careful about squatting rather than bending but he is moving easily without any pain whatsoever. He did have some setbacks with both a bladder infection and then last week he had to have a kidney stone removed surgically, but he is doing so much better than before surgery. I pray that those of you who are facing a lumbar fusion have a similar outcome.
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  • I don't know about the rest of you but, the closer it gets the more nervous I become. There a million things.... I worry too much. I am excited about the possibility of being back to normal again but, what If I'm not. I already struggle to keep up with day to day life what is going to happen when the first month I cant even do that? I can't put this burden on my wife she works so many long hours and we can not afford for her to take off work, can't pay bills now as it is. Should I postpone surgery and just muddle through but, what if this the answer to getting things back to normal. What if they, God forbid, get worse. I have no idea how I will manage while I'm recovering their is no one here I think she is going to let her kids stay with her mom so at least I don't have to taake care of them.
    Sorry guys just get overwhelmed sometimes and no one to talk to so writing it here somehow is theraputic. Thanks for letting me rant. Please let me know if I'm not the only one and if I'm not how do you cope.
  • You're definately not alone but I know exactly how you feel. I had to stop work again and things are extremely tight financially as my wife only work part time(30 hours a week).
    When I have my fusion surgery if they ever get round to giving me another date(my October 19th has just been cancelled)it seems to me that my wife will have to take some time off to look after me as I'll presumably be able to do very little after the surgery.
    It's going to be a lottery then.Unless the government have allowed for things like this when they work out what you're entitled to in these situations.
    I can't wait to get my surgery and get back on my feet(no pun intended) but it's certainly worrying when I think about the possible ramifications.

    I like you feel a little better getting it out of my system and poisting things on here.
  • C3-C7 Laminoplasty on October 13th. After reading how much it will hurt, I'm not so sure :SS
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  • I will have a L5 S1 spinal fusion done on Oct 14th
    excited and nervous but that is normal I think
    I have prepped bed room for me got all my meals planned for 7 days (lot of soup and pudding )
    been walking alot been taking vitamins and extra vitamin D and Calcium vitamins
  • C3-C7 Laminoplasty on October 13th. After reading how much it will hurt, I'm not so sure :SS

    Sorry I'm new how to delete these duplicates???
  • And wishing you a successful surgery on Thursday.

    Please let us know how you are doing, as soon as you are able.

    Tammy :)
  • Best wishes to you tomorrow.

    Mike and I are praying for another successful surgery, in addition to excellent pain relief after surgery and as you heal.

    Tammy :)
  • Good luck tomorrow on your trials!

    Please keep us posted with how you are doing. Fingers crossed you will feel some welcomed pain relief!

    Tammy :)
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