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Any advice?



  • burningstar28,

    I went back and read some of your posts then the one that hit me and stood out was your post of 9/27 when you were given the epidural and you say you've been getting worse since then! RUN, no, walk (I would cut out the running, do some walking instead for now) to a good lawyer and see what a lawyer thinks of this. Did you have anything going on with your back before the epidural? If not, all the better, if so, lawyers can get around some of it. Talk to a few attorneys who specialize in malpractice cases. Not slip and falls, but in cases where you've been injured thru no fault of your own. You may have a case against the hospital if you are still having problems from that epidural. It will take 2 years to get to court, but get going on the attorney end of it and see what a few of them say. Also, with pre-existing, I believe the insurance companies can only hold that against you for 6 months (with all the changes in health care). Do you work? You will have a very tough time of it if you go for disability because of your age. Disability goes easier on people who are depressed because they don't want to upset them too much. I'm going to try to take your first post and look up some of these words, some I know already (my husband had back fusion - you don't want that! It will impare your range of motion and big problems if it is a failed surgery). Just be aware. I might take a week to do this, I'm getting my stimulator taken out tomorrow, my trial is over and it is a very successful one for me, thank God! I consider myself one of the luckiest people that this has worked for. I've been bed ridden for 10 years from November til May every year! This is a new lease on life for me. I hope the same for you. You need a good primary care doctor - one who will watch out for you. What area do you live in? I'm in New Jersey and it took along time to find a good primary care doc and pain management doctor also.

    Hang in there and I will be in touch!
  • Please keep advice on the straight and narrow. Advising a member to seek out a lawyer is one thing, but to recommend ways "around the system" is something different altogether.


    Sorry that things are so difficult for you at this time. Please know that we are here to support you as best we can, but we are not doctors nor diagnosticians. We speak from our own personal experiences as to what has worked or not worked for each of us. One thing that I have found to be paramount with any and all of my docs, and that is honesty. If the doc is going to pull out all stops to help me out, he/she has to know that I have been up front and truthful with everything I have said or presented.

    I am not insinuating that you have been dishonest or held anything back. Nothing of the sort. I am just saying that one of the biggest keys to success with my docs, is an honest relationship.

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  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,303
    to handle various situations. Without any knowledge of specifics, it is impossible to tell one member to attempt to seek monetary gains.

    This type of posting is not what we would expect from members who want to contribute.
  • I have always been honest with my doctors but I honestly can't get anyone to even listen to me... I'm not going to sue anyone, or lawyer up, it's too late for that anyway...I just want someone to give me some answers...I am not on here to get diagnosed or anything I am just looking for some advice and personal experience, I have googled my mri so I know what most of it means but I don't know the implications of it yet....That is basically what I am wanting from the doctors...just to tell me what this means exactly, what may happen, and what I can do... but I have always been honest and I feel as if I get pushed out the door as soon as they realize I'm not insured. Does anyone know of any website or anything where I can find good doctors? Maybe a review site or something? Thanks
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