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When after surgery do you feel as "good as new"



  • Thanks...that picture I have up was two days after surgery.

    I was doing alright, alot of pain but the back pain was already better.

    Now, I am just waiting for the place where the hardware went in the feel better...that is the worst area.

    I was happy that I did this surgery two weeks after I did it. It took me two years or more to get the courage.

    It was here that I came and asked, had all but one positive outcome.

    Thanks everyone. I know we are all different.......when it is a good outcome, I wish that we could all do as well as the best.
  • two years out from surgery and I am aware that I will never be good as new. I feel so much better than I did before surgery, but I will always be aware of the stiffness in my back. I will always have to be careful of the way I bend and lift things, how I stoop down to pick things up. Once you really hurt your back, you will never, ever be the same again.


    3 level spinal fusion, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1, November 2008. Stiff, but I can walk.
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  • that I would always have problems with my back and that my fusion was to deal with my leg pain, not my back pain. I have been very pleaseed with the result. The awful sciatica that I had been getting in both legs is gone. I do get tingles, pains and twitches and cramps, but they are mostly at night, apart from my toes where I do still have sharp nerve pains. My lumbar back is also feeling much better.

    I don't think that we will ever feel 'as good as new', but much better than the awful pain that led us to have the surgery, so it is definately worth it. :-)

    I am at 6 months now and my lumbar spine is so much better. I wasn't really given any instructions or restrictions by my surgeon. If anything, I have been more cautious because of things I've read here. I now can bend, and gently twist but I still take care and don't lift too much.

    I am now having trouble with my cervical and thoracic spine. I know that before surgery, I did have trouble there. I think that the change in the structure of my spine has put more stress on other parts of my spine and caused a flare. Both my GP and physio have told me that too.

    I hope that your recovery continues to go well and that you will reach that ellusive feeling of 'being good as new', at least for some days. :D

  • I was told I had an 80-90% chance of significant improvement. I didn't read that as any chance of "as good as new." To me, having a fused spine with hardware is not as good as new ;)

    I think this is a communication thing- and part of the controversy over "successful surgeries." To me, my surgery will be successful if I get considerable reduction in pain, especially if I can sit for extended periods.

    But the other thing- our backs continue to deteriorate. So, they will never be new. Eventually I'll be back there with some other problem. Between the stresses on my back from the fracture and the stresses from the surgery, I don't ever see my back as good as new :(

    My only goal is getting back on a horse :)

  • My surgeon said that I had a 90% chance of significant improvement in my symptoms.

    I definately do have significant improvement, so I guess that says that my surgery was successful. I know that my surgeon sees it that way. :-)

    I am still having pain in my neck, thoracic spine and some symptoms in my legs and feet, but there is significant improvement in how I was feeling. :D
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  • I don't mind a little stiffness,,,as I get older I think that I will have more than my back stiffness.

    It sounds good to be where you are!!!

    Thank you for posting :)
  • I got it :)

    Well, the amount of improvement that I have read is really great.

    None of me is as "good as new" but just to not have that pain in the back will be enough for me. Then I will be able to drive or just go anywhere without declining every invitation. Thats all that I want the freedom that comes with the surgery.

    It sounds like most of you have improved for you all I am happy and for me, I am happy to read that.

    Perfection, well, we can only be born that way but I found with my neck, after those headaches went was fabulous. Sure I will always know that I have had surgery but not suffer relentlessly.

    I was reading today and found a post from someone that is rocking. I think it was Activewalker or close too. I want to be free like she is. She might not be perfect anymore but she is living and having fun.

    Thanks yall. I know how hard the pain is and I hope that things get better for all of us that need to be well again.

    Thanks for taking the time :)
  • I never expected to be "good as new" just better than before surgery. In many ways I am. I have followed all the rules!! But I have had an infection recently that I suspect started when I got really ill in May. Since then I have had an awful lot of back pain (new to me since I never had back pain pre or post op) and recently, when my scar started to swell the sciatic type pain returned. As a result I have been "editing" my life and taking codeine to sleep for the last 5 months. Just like pre op!
    I am hoping that the 3 weeks of strong antibiotics will have taken care of the infection and that I will recover now and get back to how I was at 6 months and then get even better than that! (I do have the lurking suspiscion that it might still be a deep infection though).
    I also had a rough ride in my personal life back in April so I did a lot of driving and sitting to visit my Mom while she was in the hospice for her last 11 days. I don't think that helped either.
    So I am hoping that these are the reasons that I have stopped getting better and that now that they are "sorted" I will.
  • I am sorry for your lose :( I remember that, I was bending over my Mothers bed always. My back was killing me. Her death, as I know your MOthers is so stressful. I was just broken mentally and physically.

    I hope that the antibiotics work. Get the Probiotics too. I pump the "C" like 1500 - 2000 a day. I studies stress and boy, I don't play games with it.

    I am dedicated to Vit and Vit C.

    I do wish you and everyone here the best!!!
  • Wow, some of your stories are awesome!!! congrats on all the improvements......I had a 3 level fusion done July of 08' and it has been up hill the whole time.....still on codine and some days I have to force myself out of surgeon says that my levels above my fusion are already going bad....I thought it took longer!! So I am trying to stay upbeat but it is NOT easy!! I guess I would say that I am a "failed back surgery" voter! Looking back I really wish that I had not started on this road.....

    I am very sorry if I sound down...I will pray for all of you that you will all get as close as possible to "NEW"!!
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